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    Ferrari 599 GTO road test and videos by Chris Harris...

    Ferrari 599 GTO road test and videos by Chris Harris...

    Chris Harris drives Ferrari's awesome 599 GTO supercar, a detuned 599XX. It's pretty special...

    What is it?

    The 599 GTO. A £299,280 version of the 599 – built mainly for track use, but according to Ferrari, perfectly useable on the road. It has 661bhp (50bhp up on the GTB) and it weighs around 100kg less than the standard car. Just about every major component has been altered in some way – in fact this car is mechanically more closely related to the track-only 599XX than the GTB. It’s the fastest, most powerful road-going Ferrari ever made.

    Technical highlights

    Not enough space here, I’m afraid. The big V12 has superfinished cam lobes, DLC coating on the tappets, the intake is completely new, the exhaust is superformed (no welds, so lighter) and compression goes from 11.2 to 11.9. It’ll rev to 8400rpm. Gearshift times on the F1 ‘box drop to 60 milliseconds.

    The car uses a much wider front track with a 275 section tyre (it used to be a 245). The chassis is completely revised in terms of springs and dampers – especially the latter which are second gen Skyhook items that relay real-time information as opposed to an approximation. It’s 1sec faster around Fiorano than any other Ferrari.

    What’s it like to drive?

    Quite lively, and noisy. The project’s main aim was to reduce understeer, and it certainly works – on track it has far more front axle grip than a GTB. It’s less forgiving though: set-up for ultimate lap-time, it punishes indecisive or clumsy inputs. The traction and stability systems are supreme on track, almost certainly the fastest way to drive the car. Strangely, it doesn’t actually feel that much quicker in a straight line than a GTB because the engine is now working in a chassis that can cope with the power. The great pitching, yawing episodes are gone. The new CCM2 carbon ceramic brakes now have ceramic pads – they’re very, very powerful.

    On the road it’s obviously quite harsh, but nothing like as extreme as I’d expected. The ride’s firm but not uncomfortable. The cabin has all the creature comforts (although the air-con struggled in hot temperatures). Clearly it’s impossible to use anything more than a fraction of its performance, and the noise is so extreme people can hear you for miles.

    My only gripe is the lack of traction even on mildly poor surfaces. On a smooth circuit it’s fine, but on the same road that a 458 could use everything in second gear, the GTO either moves into pretty terrifying oversteer or, if they’re activated, the systems strangle the throttle. Then again, it does have 661bhp, so something has to give.

    The brakes really grumble at times and judging them at low speed can be tricky.

    How does it compare?

    Until we drive a GT2 RS, I can’t say. It’s much, much more competent than a GTB and makes the HGTE pack seem a little pointless to my eyes. Its closest rival is probably the Lambo LP670-4 SV.

    Anything else I need to know?

    There will only be 599, and Ferrari says they’re all sold (although we’re not so sure about that). You can have any number of colour combinations. It’s a car happiest on-track, but perfectly useable on-road. But it’s the speed around Fiorano that sticks with you – the GTO is just so damn fast...

    Ferrari 599 GTO: Chris Harris video (Track Test -- part 1)

    Ferrari 599 GTO: Chris Harris video (Track Test -- part 2)

    Ferrari 599 GTO: Chris Harris video (Road Test)





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    Re: Ferrari 599 GTO road test and videos by Chris Harris...


    Primary camera pointed at the guy, that is stupid at best. I want to see the car as if I was driving and from the outside. (all directed at EVO)

    Re: Ferrari 599 GTO road test and videos by Chris Harris...

    I like this car way more than ENZO/ENZO FXX variants.

    It is just awesome, IMO.

    Good job Ferrari

    My TOP THREE Ferrari Garage is 599 GTO - 16M Scuderia Spider - F458 İtalia



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    Re: Ferrari 599 GTO road test and videos by Chris Harris...

    Ferrari 590 GTO road test...







    ...wonder if we will see those Michelin Pilot Super Sport on other supercars?


    Exceptional new MICHELIN tyres for the equally exceptional FERRARI 599 GTO

    (June 2010)

    Available in an exclusive limited edition, the new FERRARI 599 GTO will have a production run of just 599 vehicles, all of them equipped with new MICHELIN super sport tyres specially designed for this model. The only point of contact between the FERRARI 599 GTO and the road, the 2,396 MICHELIN tyres are capable of the highest levels of performance.


    MICHELIN partnered with the Italian sports car manufacturer to co-develop these unique tyres in a record time of just 18 months. To enable the FERRARI 599 GTO to achieve its full performance potential, the tyres had to strike a balance, delivering optimal track handling and superior safety.

    The extra-wide tyres come in different sizes: 285/30 ZR 20 for the front and 315/35 ZR 20 for the rear. Despite the generous dimensions they are exceptionally light, with the front tyre weighing just 10 kilograms and the rear 15 kilograms. This means a weight saving of up to 10 per cent compared to other tyres of similar dimensions.

    MICHELIN’s lighter tyres deliver two benefits:

    • They reduce unsprung weight which in turn improves handling

    • They help to reduce fuel consumption and thus carbon emissions. The MICHELIN tyres designed for the FERRARI 599 GTO have up to 20 per cent better rolling resistance than other similar tyres, enabling a reduction in CO2 emissions of up to 7 grammes per kilometre.

    MICHELIN engineers developed innovative rubber compounds that ensure safe, precise handling in all conditions even when the tyres are delivering 670 horsepower from the 6-litre V12 engine. Their unique tread comprises three different compounds: a track-type compound on the outer shoulder to withstand the extreme pressure of circuit driving, a compound at the centre of the tread especially designed for superior performance at very high speeds, and an inner shoulder compound designed in combination with the tyre construction to maximize the amount of rubber in contact with the road for surer road-holding.

    MICHELIN and FERRARI development engineers and test drivers worked closely together on different racetracks, in particular at Fiorano and Nardò in Italy, to validate the tyres’ performance balance which matches the chassis characteristics of the new FERRARI GTO, Ferrari’s fastest ever road car.



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    Re: Ferrari 599 GTO road test and videos by Chris Harris...

    Chris Harris is probably one of the best out there, I dont get bored wathcing his video-reviews, he knows what to show, and how to show it.

    That sound is just quite in another level...., and that double down-shift in Fiorano test-track, was absolutely brutal, like a machine gun !!


    Re: Ferrari 599 GTO road test and videos by Chris Harris...

    *** Ferrari 599 GTO new HD videos by Chris Harris ***

    Ferrari 599 GTO on the Track (part 1)

    Ferrari 599 GTO on the Track (part 2)

    Ferrari 599 GTO on the Track (part 3)

    Ferrari 599 GTO on the Road by Chris Harris...

    ...evo videos by Chris Harris now in glorious High Definition!!!


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