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    Metadata Info Missing/Unreadable?

    Why won't song title info display on my PCM screen when playing discs I've burned? I see only track nos. but none of the other metadata. Btw, I'm using Windows Media Player to burn CD-Rs in "Data CD" format. Should I be using some other format or application? To save some of you time, I already know I'm an MP3 idi0t -- and yes, I've searched for helpful threads.

    Re: Metadata Info Missing/Unreadable?

    Here's MY observation in that area,--mine won't show the song title initially until I click on the Sound option button at the bottom of the screen,--and then it updates to the title, etc.


    Re: Metadata Info Missing/Unreadable?

    Mine displays the song name, folder name (I sort the songs by album, so it's the album name), and artist. Haven't had any problem. I'm burning data CDs using Pyro.

    Re: Metadata Info Missing/Unreadable?

    Thanks! Sounds like "Pyro" works better than what I'm using now. Where can I get it?

    Re: Metadata Info Missing/Unreadable?

    EZ CD creator works just fine!
    Make sure you are making an MP3 CD!

    Re: Metadata Info Missing/Unreadable?

    If you are running XP and Media Player 9
    You will need to add one of the plugins from a Microsoft vendor.
    After that it will create your CD's with all the folder/track/artist information that you want.

    ( It will pull the CD info from the web and add it to your burned CD)

    I don't think the Data Disk burn will get you there without further editing.

    Link-> Link to Microsoft mp3 Adder

    Re: Metadata Info Missing/Unreadable?

    DavidS, thanks for the info!

    I downloaded the plug-in. Is there anything else I need to do make sure the files are burned in MP3 format with song title info? Should the burn still be performed in "Data CD" format? Thanks for all your help with this.

    Re: Metadata Info Missing/Unreadable?

    Definitely Data CD, not Audio. Audio will burn standard CD format and compression, resulting in approximately 10MB per minute of music or 70 mins per CD. Data will allow the MP3 files to be written along with their embedded metadata.

    At 128kbps, MP3 takes around 1MB per minute and you can get 11+ hours on a CD; at 192kbps, 1.5MB/minute gives you about 8 hours. To look at it another way, your 20GB iPod will consume about 30 full CDs. Or, you can pack 300 audio CDs onto 30 MP3 CDs at 128kbps.

    You set the bit rate in your MP3 conversion software, not the burning software (sorry if this is obvious to you, but I thought I'd through in a bit more potentially gratuitus info.)



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