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    wheel weight

    Does anyone know how much the standard Carrera S wheels and the Carrera Classic wheels weigh?

    (I'd be curious to know the weight of the 18 inch Carrera III wheel as well.)

    Re: wheel weight

    19" Carrera S weighs 24lbs(F) and 27lbs(R)

    Re: wheel weight

    Apparently Champions are almost 10 lb lighter per wheel. That's a lot of unsprung weight.

    Coincidentally, I found a growing thread on this topic at rennlist. Still interested in weight of the other wheels.

    Re: wheel weight

    Go to and check out their offerings. They have BBS, Champion, HRE, Fiske, Porsche OEM and others. I have been looking for another set and want something that is lighter than OEM. Give them a call. They are very helpful and have all the weights of all the wheels that they sell. I can tell you that Champion and Fiske are probably the lightest in the quality that I am looking for. Get ready to spend around $6000 for a tire and wheel combo. You can get tire weights from the manufacturers if your interested in that. At Wheel Enhancements you can do the wheels only or they will also set you up a tire and wheel package. They will match the tire price of Tire Rack.

    The weights that you were given earlier are right on at 24 (F) and 27 (R) for the 19's. The lobster's are maybe the lightest of the 19 OEM offering and weigh in at 23 (F) and 26 (R). You can also verify these weights at Wheel Enhancement since they also sell the Porsche OEM's. You can also get the weight of the 18's.

    Re: wheel weight

    The Carrera S wheel is the lobster wheel, so I guess the #'s are one lb apart - close enough.

    I'll check out the website.


    Re: wheel weight

    Wonder how much the new lightweight carrera sports weigh?

    Re: wheel weight


    Porsche 996 Cast 8x18" - 20.0lbs
    Porsche 996 Cast 10x18" - 23.4lbs

    both should be close to 997 18" carrera III wheels.

    Re: wheel weight

    What about total weight? When you add tires? Are the 18s still significantly lighter than the 19s? Thanks.

    Re: wheel weight

    chipper said:
    What about total weight? When you add tires? Are the 18s still significantly lighter than the 19s? Thanks.

    Yes, should be, since the 19's are not lower profile...

    Re: wheel weight

    copy/paste fm another forum...

    general rule of thumb, at least for oem car wheels is to add 2 to the wheel diameter and you have your weight. example: you have 17x7 wheels. take 17 add 2 and the wheel weighs 19 pounds. this seemed like an optimum weight that would meet the oem requirements yet still be strong enough to pass impact testing. for larger wheels like 20" you should add 3 or 4. there are many variables to determine weight. the style of the wheel and whether it has a button cap or large cap covering the lugs can greatly affect the weight. we used this simple calculation to give us a ball park #.

    chrome wheels are typically 2 pounds heavier than the same wheel that is painted or polished. the reason is that the wheels are copper plated, then chromed. even though the plating is thin, both metals are quite heavy.

    also, the wider the wheel the more weight. a 9" wide wheel vs. 8" wide will add 1/4 to 1/2 pound.

    oem wheels are usually much lighter than "california" aftermarket wheels. you know, the ugly wheels with teddy bears and flames. the main reason is cafe standards, second is cost savings. aluminum is $.80/lb. aftermarket wheels do not have to meet cafe standards and have a much bigger profit margin. so they can "afford" to make a heavier wheel. thus they do not go to extreme lengths to lighten a wheel by 2/10ths of a pound like oem's yet still be robust enough to pass impact testing.

    remember, these are just guidelines. if you want specific weights, then call the manufacturer.

    if you really want super lightweight wheels, get a thin 5 spoke. they usually seem to be the lightest vs 6 or 7 spoke. defineately stay away from 3 spokes as they are inherintly heavy-just take my word for it. to get every last ounce of weight out get a wheel that has been rollformed(the rim is spun). this can reduce the weight by a pound.

    then there are magnesium wheels. mg is 1/3 lighter yet 1/3 stronger than aluminum. however, it is more expensive per lb and dangerous to cast.

    Re: wheel weight

    Mmmmmmm Magnesium.....reminds me of highschool science experiments....

    Re: wheel weight

    Light weight magnesium wheel exclusively manufactured for Manthey Motors by BBS Motorsports. 7.3Kg, 9 x 18 and 11 x 18



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