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    Real life 997/997 S questions

    Hello all,
    I live in the UK and have a Mercedes E320 diesel company car that comes out of lease in 45 days. My options are to replace with another company car (S or A8) or I can take an allowance that pays for a new 997 or a used 997 S with between 6 and 12,000 miles which I think is almost like new anyway.
    I have a 964 RSR race car to play at the track so I don't think that I really need the extra power for the road. The real big difference other than power seems to be the air suspension. Is it such a must have option that I should only go for an S? Have some of you gone through a similar decision process? Does anyone have real life experience that they can share with me.
    Thanks to all in advance

    Re: Real life 997/997 S questions

    I live in the UK and have an S and deleted the air suspension and went with the -20mm option. So in my opinion it is most definitely not a must have option.

    Re: Real life 997/997 S questions

    Did you get the LSD because you track the car?

    Re: Real life 997/997 S questions

    Yep and it works a treat once the car goes sideways

    Re: Real life 997/997 S questions

    Go test drive them both.

    When I went for a test drive in the S, it had a flat tyre. Rather than waste my afternoon, they gave me a non-S to play with.

    I liked it. But there just wasn't enough sparkle for me. I went away disappointed.

    Went back a week later to drive the S - Then ordered the S. Would I have ordered if the S didn't exist? Not sure I would!



    Re: Real life 997/997 S questions

    Now I think the following way about my S (long after deciding wether to order it or non-S):

    There's NEVER enough HP in thse cars. At times I wish mine had more b*lls. I'm glad I'm not cursing myself for talking myself out of the extra 30 hp of the S.

    Buy the S if you can afford to blow the extra us$10K.

    Re: Real life 997/997 S questions

    I tested both and disliked the suspension of the S a great deal. I did however think hard about getting the S anyway, b/c most people do, and was worried that I might be getting it wrong. In the end went with my gut, and do not regret it at all. Did not test the car with the -20mm suspension, but am genuinely dubious about whether the increased performance of the S is that meaningful in most driving situations when you take into account the increased weight of the S.

    Best of luck, either way, I'm sure you won't be disappointed!

    Re: Real life 997/997 S questions

    The only visual difference between the 2 is the calibur and the "S". I cannot tell much of a difference when driving the two car except the suspension. I prefer the 997 suspension better then the PASM.

    Re: Real life 997/997 S questions

    997 non S is also a great car ,go for it . as for the air suspension ,its not a must have option at all...

    Re: Real life 997/997 S questions

    I went for the non S as I don't think you would notice the difference on our UK roads. I won't track it as I have a 944 Turbo for that. Is there not some chat about the PASM making the rear end feel odd under certain conditions?

    Re: Real life 997/997 S questions

    Lemme contextualize. It was a beautiful day and the road conditions were good (no people no cops) so I just started driving my 997s like I stole it. The car's fast, but not appreciably faster than my 04M3 (of course the handling's amazingly different etc). Because I'm used to the 333 hp M3 I started thinking, "geez, I'm glad I got the S." So it's just a matter of what you're used to and the more HP the better. About "noticing" the difference? I dunno, I think I would but maybe it's more like gluttony than gourmet; "gimme gimme gimme more HP! 30 more for us$10K? f---!, Okay, just gimme!" My next one's gonna be a Turbo.

    Re: Real life 997/997 S questions

    There was a long discussion on this board about a week ago about problems with PASM. You might check the archives. And some "authorities" in the UK and from Porsche were quoted as saying the reg. 997 with reg. (not PASM) susupension was a better handling and driving car. 18s with PCCB brakes on a reg. 997 was considered optimal.

    If you buy the reg. 997, one decision you must make is 18s or 19s. If you drive any rough roads, I would suggest 18s. I have 19s on my 997 and am looking to replace them with 18s for this reason. On a smooth road, they're fine. But rough patches, pot holes, etc,. and it rides a little hard.

    Good luck with you decision!



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