As I mentioned some weeks ago I consider buying a E55 or RS6 plus as a long distance cruiser. I now had my test ride with the E55, the RS6 plus will follow shortly.

In summary, I am surprised how well the E55 handles for a limousine. I think it is a great car. Obviously, compared to the 996TT it feels somehow more synthetic and also substantially less sporty. Anyhow, it is a great ride for long distances. Really impressive.

Engine has lots of power, interaction with the gear shift is fine. One strange observation: under full acceleration, the shifting unit showed some strange behavior at approximately 220/230km/h. It somehow felt as if the gear unit had problems in finding the right gear. The problem occurred more than once.

Steering could be further improved. Not too precise around the middle position. Steering feel in curves, however, is direct.

The suspension (in sport mode II) is great. Feels really sporty for that kind of a car. Very few unintended vertical and horizontal movements. I am very impressed. Obviously, again, nothing like the 996TT but still amazing.

As I tested the car in dry weather I felt that traction was OK.

In summary: a great car