Why is it all the seats look the same in all the photos I've seen, materialwise, no matter if you order full leather or not?

Adaptive sport seats, regular sport seats and regular seats all seem to have the same center portions made out of the same (non-leather?) perforated material.

Another question is what exactly is this option "AR" for black leather seats for $1520??

(there's other two letter codes for leather seats in other colors)

There is a definite error in the "build your own Porsche" section where you choose interior leather colors since it lists "AR" as "full leather" and not what it could be correctly called "leather seats-black"

Basically I want to know what's the difference between getting regular adaptive sport seats and adaptive sport seats in option AR "leather seats-black"?

IOW, what do the adaptive sport seats look like in a non-full leather car but rather a car which has the leather seats option. (i.e. vinyl dash with maximum leather on the adaptive sport seats)

Mind numbing, I know, especially when my sales guy hasn't bothered to call me back in a hurry!