On Sat., The northeast got hit with it first major snowstorm. This was the first opportunity to test my 997 ( 18' conti wintersport ts810 on board) in the snow. I have to say the car felt very secure and handled well in the snow. I didn't get a chance to use the car again until today. When I started the car and put it in gear, all four wheels were frozen and it felt as if I were driving with the brakes on. Immediately,thereafter the abs and psm failure warnings started flashing on the dash. I stopped the car and called the dealer, their response was the wheel was probably frozen and to drive it slowly to get it loose. The end result: the front driver wheel stayed locked while the other three wheels were spinning and I ended up ruining the snow tire. God knows what I did to the axle. I don't know but I think that wheels should not freeze like that and that my be a design flaw in the new 997. I an not happy about this at all.