I went to the New York Auto show yesterday.  It was generally disappointing.  Despite claiming 1 million visitors, it does not attract the best from the auto makers.  Ferrari and Lamborghini were not even in attendance, which was a real disappointment for me as I wanted to see the F12 in person.

The people at Porsche were not their A team as there was little knowledge to be found at the state. 

The highlight of the show was the new Viper and (for me) I was very impressed with the looks of the new BMW 6 series grand tourer (4 door).  I never liked the 6 series, but the new model (2 door) is a big improvement and the 4 door is a really nice looking car.  If they come out with an M series for the 4 door then it will be our new family car.

Anyone else attend?