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    Must have options for Cayenne

    I think the must have option for the Cayenne are
    I drove the with and without servotronic and i think for a little more money the servotronic makes a big differ ends.
    The airsuspention is also a must have but limited available on the Cayenne S
    I drove the 18''19''and 20''weels and i liked the 19''
    20'wheels did really dissepoint me the steering get very spacy
    I think the best combination is 19''wheels with summer tires and 18'wheels with winter tires for the winter.
    This week I test drove The Cayenne Turbo and the Mercedes ML55 AMG
    The Cayenne turbo is in an complete other league than the Mercedes ML55 AMG.
    My opinion is confirmed by the German Auto-magazine Auto und Motor sport
    They tested the Cayenne S,BMW X5 4.6is and the Mercedes ML55AMG.
    The Cayenne S won the test
    -Cayenne S 515 points
    -BMW X5 4.6is 484 points
    -Mercedes ML55AMG 465 points
    Auto und Motor sport magazine is one of the most respected magazines in Europe.

    Looking forward to others opinions

    Re: Must have options for Cayenne

    I think the air suspension is certainly a must have. After that comes PCM and a moonroof. I also like the tire pressure monitor, xenon and CD changer.

    I have not yet driven it yet but I will trust your opinion on the servotronic and wheels. I did see it for the first time today so I have some new ideas. I am not happy with the standard titanium trim on the S (see below). It has an odd finish to it. I had planned to go with the aluminum package and I am sure of it now. Also the misalignment you see here was disturbing but that was the only example I saw among the 5 or 6 on display. The misaligned part is the glovebox release button so perhaps it was just manhandled by one of the many visitors to the unveiling.

    Re: Must have options for Cayenne

    I went to Momentum Porsche in Houston today. They had an event that you could actually drive the Cayenne in their own track. But as usuall with the baby and my wife getting ready I got there late in the afternoon and didn't get a chance to drive one .

    I talked to one of the sales guys (Larry) and he said that they have sold 10 Cayennes already and people have taken the deliveries too, 2 turbos and 8 S. He also said that since this morning (the test drive day) they got 2 more deposit for the S.

    However, he mentioned that the air suspension is not available for the "S" unitl further notification from Porsche. Amazingly, he said that every single buyer of the "S" wants the air suspension and he can't believe that Porsche is not offering that for the "S" ast this time, lots of money Porsche is losing like this

    My wife liked the storage; and at the first site she said: Wow, the trunk is way bigger than the X5 . To me the trunk (Cargo) is as big as our ML.

    I'm again hesitant, I liked the looks of the Cayenne today but I wasn't impressed at the Auto show I just need to test drive one for myself and see if I can find some room in my garage or stay with our crapy ML.

    I'll post my impression once I test drive one.



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