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    CGT, GT2, GT3, Turbo ground clearance and street driving

    According to this thread:

    The ground clearance is 86 mm.
    86/10/2.54 = 3.4 inches

    From what I saw of the CGT delivery, 3.4 inches of fixed clearance is much too low for a car that is meant to be driven on the street. If the front spoiler is easily damaged and costs $450 to replace, will the flat carbon underbody chassis panel also be easily damaged by road debris such as separated truck tire treads, road construction steel plates, potholes, etc. and can it also be easily replaced if it breaks? What is the price of this panel? Is it panel one-piece or multi-piece?

    And if the suspenion cannot be raised for better ground clearance, how does one use this car on Ohio, Michigan, New York and other non-Californian and non-German city, highway, and back roads which range from smooth to broken? Street driving is unpredicable so does one just keep replacing the parts on the CGT as and when they get damaged? Will those parts be readily available when ordered from a dealer? Or is one forced to drive ridiculously slow in order to minimize damage?

    Do GT2, GT3, and Turbo owners suffer clearance problems during street driving aside from entering and exiting driveway curbs? What is the U.S. and ROW ground clearances for each of the three previously mentioned cars?

    I know the F50 and Enzo can raise up at the push of a button when entering a driveway. And these cars will automatically lower themselves back down once they reach a certain speed. I believe the CGT should have had this feature, don't you think?

    Re: CGT, GT2, GT3, Turbo ground clearance and street driving

    Good point about CGT, and I actually raised this point at my dealership where they had CGT for a week as an "exhibit" and I saw the clearence by myself. I was explained that the front wheels actually located more far away from the front bumper therefore creating bigger distance compensating the "small" clearance. When I thought about it I could agree that when the car turns its true but in other cases its not.

    Anyway my TT is lowered and its just fine, actually its more than fine, its great :-)

    I do replace the front spoiler the one which is being attached underneath the front bumper every once a year and it cost me about $400 US to do so. I drive about 18000 miles per year.

    Re: CGT, GT2, GT3, Turbo ground clearance and street driving

    Porsche's internal document 'Technik Kompendium' about the CGT says following:

    ground clearance:
    - CGT: 86 mm (3.38 in)
    - GT2: 70 mm (2.75 in)
    - Turbo: 90 mm (3.54 in)

    'Böschungswinkel' (angle of attack?...):
    - CGT: 5.7*/16.2* (yes, sixteen point two, that's no typo)
    - GT2: 8.0*/12.5*
    - Turbo: 10*/13.5*

    So if you can't make it the normal way, just drive backwards!...

    Re: CGT, GT2, GT3, Turbo ground clearance and street driving

    Thanks for these specs., Pierre. I assume these are for ROW cars. Are the U.S. specs. different or the same?

    Re: CGT, GT2, GT3, Turbo ground clearance and street driving

    The numbers for the CGT is the same for all markets.

    Ground clearance: You can have the car raised 10 mm without affecting the cars stability.

    Note. You should only have this done at an authorised Porsche dealership since there are adjustments that has to be done to the setup of the car. (dealership must be an authorised Carrera GT service point)

    Re: CGT, GT2, GT3, Turbo ground clearance and street driving

    MAVERICK said:
    Thanks for these specs., Pierre. I assume these are for ROW cars. Are the U.S. specs. different or the same?

    Per P website, height of US and German-spec 996TT is identical....51" I believe, so I would infer ground clearance is same w/o X73 ROW option.



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