*On handling-- "Cornering grip is spectacular. Response to the steering is progressive and faithful. More surprising is that there's very little sense of weight transfer. With such benign intrinsic behaviour, the ESP skid-control system has little to do, so its threshold is set high and it seldom intervenes. Best of all, though, is the feel of the car. Through the seat especially, but the steering too, there's wonderful progression and feedback. You sense the car's every effort on your behalf, interact with it, feel confident about going to the edge to get the best from it. And the sheer forces of acceleration, cornering and braking imprint themselves on your memory, especially to the accompaniment of that engine's acoustics. It rocks.
*On engine--" It's tractable at town speeds, dawdling uncomplainingly in a high gear. Accelerate and the intake note deepens, accompanied by a fizzing of valve gear and a strong extra thrust after 4500rpm. There's a deep roaring charge to 6500rpm, when suddenly a new corral of horses kicks in to hurl you on. Breathtaking animalism, pure soul. Yet (unlike big brother Murcielago) it's not so absurdly loud at a cruise to tire you, or in town to wake your neighbours."

......I admit this is the only review of the car I've read, but from what it says, this car seems like quite a driving machine.