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    Let's start some speculations...

    ...regarding what Porsche will announce by the end of 2003.

    1) It'll be a 4-door sedan/limousine to compete with E55, M5, and RS6

    2) Would incorporate highly modified CGT V10 engine to produce 570 hp. Can't enter 600 hp zone because of CGT

    3) Has built-in child seat

    OK, it's your turn guys let's start the rumor

    Re: Let's start some speculations...

    My guesses:

    1. Boxster Coupe
    2. Naturally aspirated V8 (or V10) offered for 997 in some version
    3. V8 GT model (as in grand touring car ala 456, not carrera gt)

    Re: Let's start some speculations...

    I believe it will be based on a lightened version of the Cayenne platform with Cayenne engines. The chassis weight can be reduced significantly since it will not require the underside durability built into the Cayenne. I also read a lot of discussion of the E2A and E2B prototypes so I think those are a real possibility; a four passenger vehicle in two door and four door versions. The CGT engine is too expensive for this application so I doubt it will be used. There is more horsepower available from the Cayenne TT engine if it is needed. There might be a built in child seat but I doubt it.

    Re: Let's start some speculations...

    Personally, I don't think they will announce anything by the end of 03 except for Boxster Coupe.

    That won't be the 4th model tho. Talk will be of the 997. Since the 997 won't have a Cab or Turbo version out of the chute, the 996 softtops will continue until MY05.

    I honestly don't think the 4th model has been decided yet, and when they do there will be all sorts of spy shots, but will be announced at Frankfurt possibly in 04. I'm guessing it will be a 4 passenger coupe or sedan and not a base model. I think VW took care of that end of the spectrum for them.

    Audi has this concept car Pikes Peak, a 6 passenger 'crossover' style built from the Cayenne platform, so I think PAG has a real needle to thread with their 4th model decision. Just my .015

    Re: Let's start some speculations...

    No new models will use the V10 engine of the Carrera GT.
    Far to expensive to produce and would require major changes to suit the characteristics of a GT car.
    More likely would be the Cayenne engine which has the perfect characteristics for such a car,lots of torque and horsepower.
    This engine has already been modified for the upcoming Power Kit for the Cayenne Turbo to have an output just over 500HP and could easily be modified further for even greater outputs.
    This Power Kit will probably be available as the new MY2005 starts production in May 2004.
    However that decision will be taken before the end of the year at the latest.

    Re: Let's start some speculations...

    Future models?

    1. Boxster Coupe (entry level Porsche)
    2. Carrera GT Turbo (you didn't expect that... )
    3. Porsche 4-door Sedan (based on the Cayenne engines)
    4. no V8 or V10 on the 911 (at least not on the 997).
    5. no Cayenne lightweight or "RS" version but a powerkit with rumored 500 HP.
    6. Grand Tourismo (GT) 928-like Sports Car with 4 seats, two engine versions (based on Cayenne engines, 400 HP and 520 HP).

    Re: Let's start some speculations...

    I hope your No.6 prediction has real adult-type rear seats!

    Re: Let's start some speculations...

    I hope your No.6 prediction has real adult-type rear seats!

    This is no prediction (otherwise I could earn my money as a fortune teller or even better as a psychic ), just pure speculation based on rumors and various talks to different people.
    And yes, the rumored GT gets "real" rear seats.

    Re: Let's start some speculations...

    I hope your No.6 prediction has real adult-type rear seats!

    And yes, the rumored GT gets "real" rear seats.

    I hope "real" rear seats are more "real" than the rear seats in the new Bentley GT; those are suitable only for Snow White's dwarfs! {At least if I'm (6'4") driving.}

    Re: Let's start some speculations...

    regarding what Porsche will announce by the end of 2003.

    A sporty crossover on a striped down Cayenne platform and a
    V8 Cayenne engine

    So RC can drive his family around

    Autoweek speculates

    An article in Autoweek speculates on the fourth Porsche: web page.

    Nothing new here but it is additional momentum to the E2A and E2B concepts.

    BTW, the Cayenne book I have (the one from Porsche) says the Cayenne codename was E1.

    Re: Autoweek speculates

    An article in Autoweek speculates on the fourth Porsche: web page.

    BTW, the Cayenne book I have (the one from Porsche) says the Cayenne codename was E1.

    In fact, that's true, although it sounds like like a Volkswagen-codename (The Passat, for example, has the codename B5 and the next VW on this platform (the next Passat) will be called B6). So it's logical that the 4th Porsche will be based on the E(the Cayenne's)-platform, and is called E2 (either E2A or E2B).


    Re: Autoweek speculates

    We should all ask ourselves what we would like the 4th model line to be.
    Personally I don't think that building a front engined coupe is wise.
    This segment is already covered by the 911 to some extent. Bulding such a model would not increase the overall sales volume to such an extent that it would justify the cost of development,furtermore such a model would steal customers from the existing product range (911) and would not attract an significant amount of new customers.

    If you want to attract a new group of customers and at the same time get existing Porsche customers to expand their current Porsche fleets with an additional Porsche you have to build a car that attracts the greatest amount of customer base.

    This new model line should be an 4 door sedan of course.
    This car could use the engines from the Cayenne model line and the gearbox, somewhat modified of course and the 4 wheel drive system.

    Re: Autoweek speculates

    Porsche has somehting that you WILL NOT EXPECT to be announced before years end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MARK MY WORDS GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS NOT A JOKE.

    Please no SHOUTING! Thank you!

    Re: Autoweek speculates

    At Porsche, they officially declared, they will take a decision about the 4th line early in 2004 for a commercial launch in 2007/08. They want to break the 100,000 units per annum and with the current model range, it's impossible.

    If we consider the current range and imagine, the 3 existing lines are selling at their peak we are falling short of the 100,000.

    Let's say 25,000 Boxsters (27,800 at the peak in 2000/01), 30,000 911s (32,300 at the peak 2001/02) and 35,000 Cayennes (28,000 V8 and 7,000 V6) we get to 90,000 units. This would work if all the models were at maturity at the same time.

    To get well above 100,000 they need 15,000-20,000 units coming from the 4th line.

    My personnal guess is, it may be a 2+2 GT (2 doors) like the Ferrari 456 GT to revive the 928. It would make no sense for Porsche to make a 4 doors sedan and get in direct confrontation with MB, BMW or Audi. These guys are years ahead and they do have a clear know-how and a technical leadership.
    If Porsche was to go for the 2+2 GT, they could use the Cayenne V8 so they would make economies of scale. Right now, they are just producing 25,000 V8 per year which is not much considering the development cost of such an engine. By adding 15,000 units on the 4th line it would make more sense.

    I also suspect, they may also use the Carrera GT engine in a GT "S" version. Otherwise why would they have developed this V10 engine for 1,500 units max unless they have plans to return to competition.

    Here is my guess and I may be totally wrong !!!!!

    Only time will tell.

    Re: Autoweek speculates

    (E1) it sounds like like a Volkswagen-codename (The Passat, for example, has the codename B5

    Seems reasonable but the codename for the Touareg was MAC for Multi-Activity Cruiser (must have really bought into the X-5 campaign ).



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