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    Acceleration question for M3 vs. CSL

    I read the comparison test between a standard BMW M3 with manual transmission and the M3 CSL with SMG II in the October issue of the EVO Magazine and I am profoundly confused about the performance numbers they published.

    How is it possible that a standard M3 with a power-to-weight ratio of 219bhp/ton could be 0.2sec faster from 0-60mph then the CSL with a power-to-weight ratio of 255bhp/ton?

    I don't claim to be a great expert but these numbers really do not make sense to me. Isn't the power-to-weight ratio a fairly good indicator for performance, particularly in straight-line acceleration?

    Any and all explanations would be highly welcome.



    Re: Acceleration question for M3 vs. CSL

    I have not used BMW's SMG II but some sequential gearboxes have difficulty on takeoff compared to a manual or an auto with torque converter. You can't get the right amount of wheelspin to launch the car. This could explain the difference.

    Re: Acceleration question for M3 vs. CSL

    I always thought high-rev drop clutch starts were a bit of a stretch as a benchmark. Would love to see people start quoting 5mph roll-on accel numbers more... or at some point maybe there won't be any more true manuals around and it won't matter? I wish there was some way to get my Tiptronic system to shift into neutral just so I could listen to the engine at stoplights Some systems allow neutral if you pull on both paddles at once don't they? Ramble ramble ramble...

    Re: Acceleration question for M3 vs. CSL

    The SMG system is somewhat disdvantaged off the start, and cannot rip off power shifts like you can with a standard box. It basically comes down to how much you want to abuse your transmission and drivetrain. SMG doesn't let you.

    But unless you are participating in a sprint race, acceleration from a dead stop doesn't mean much.

    Re: Acceleration question for M3 vs. CSL


    i was thinking about an M3 ... and testdrove two cars ... one with manual transmission ... the other one had SMG II !!!

    And i guess i am about the only one who'd stick with the manual transmission ... i did not like SMG at all !!!

    First of all i felt that the SMG car was slightly slower in acceleration ... and under a fully pushed throttle the SMG changed gears with an unhealthy noise and under a sharp mechanical tug !!! I did not feel to much confident about durability ... driving in the auto-modus was totally useless ... no comparison to a conventional automatic transmission, that shifts gears slower but much more smooth ... the SMG had signicant problems when velocity was varied more or less rapidly.




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