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    Thanks alot for the warm welcome guys, much appreciated.

    The Turbo is incredible, I have never ever felt anything like it (it must be said I am upgrading from an SLK280, so there is no basis for comparision - one is a beast and one is just a car)

    I have a couple of questions - I have looked through the Forum and was not able to find the answers with the specificity I would like:

    1. I have the regular brakes (red calipers) - however, sometimes at low speeds, they squeak and whine - is this normal on the regular brakes? Some PCCB's had noise issues, but I'm not sure about the normal brakes.

    2. There is no auto headlight mode - this is correct? Also, when the headlights are on, should the sports chrono, the turbo sign in the Rev Counter etc be lit up (because in my car, they're not)?

    3. How do I get the sports chrono to work? The dealer had misplaced the manuals, and will only get them to me next week, so I am unable to look there for reference. How do I use the Clock timer, make it function etc?

    4. Most important: I drive this car hard - I max out in each gear to the redline (or try to) and accelerate etc constantly (the car is broken in). This car is so brilliant, I can't help but take it to the max. My question is (and I know the answer, but I just want to confirm with you guys) - can this car handle the constant abuse? Will it still be bulletproof in terms of function and reliability even though I drive it like a "wannabe" race driver all the time (please note I don't endanger other cars on the road, I take all precautions, and obey all traffic laws, except the speed limit!)?

    5. Taking into account #4, how often should I get the oil changed, and what oil do you recommend I use?

    As always, thanks alot for your guidance, much appreciated


    Re: Questions

    1. It happens sometimes
    2. Correct
    3. The sport chrono menu is activated through the on dash menu (lever on left side of steering wheel). Try it, its self explanatory
    4.Drive it like you stole it but respect warming-up and cooling down periods. Have owned 4 turbos and drove all of them (and cornered them)like that and nth happened. The last 2 (996tt and 997tt) were also tuned to 550 and 650hp respectively. If anything whenever I go to the track the car loves it! The 997tt stock engine can take 650hp without any internal modifications so stock power is well below any reliability thresholds. My only advise to you to minimise excess wear&tear of the peripherals is to be careful with the clutch and minimise 1st gear WOT accelerations.
    5. I change oil once a year (or every 10k kms or so) and I use castrol 10-60W as per my tuner's recommendation.

    Hope that helps

    Re: Questions

    MA_911TT said:
    1. I have the regular brakes (red calipers) - however, sometimes at low speeds, they squeak and whine - is this normal on the regular brakes? Some PCCB's had noise issues, but I'm not sure about the normal brakes.

    Porsche brakes are one of the best available to date however, they all suffer from the usual squeel which tends to happen when they get slightly glazed. City driving does this. All it takes to clear them up is a few heavy stops to roughen them up again.


    Re: Questions

    glad your liking the car at least as much as we classify the iron brake squeal as s_ _ t happens for me it does it less if you arent just lightly using the brakes...there was a pad recall on the early tt's that i never got done as it was really a non - event with me and i didnt want anyone messing with the brakes that continue to work running the car hard my only advise and you know this already make sure the oil is to operating temp 180-200 degrees cent....oil im a fan of the recommended product mobil one 0-40...while perhaps not necessary id changethe oil every 3k miles max if i drove the car hard most of the time....have fun

    Re: Questions

    After reading a treatise on oil and lubrication that was posted a while ago I'd stick with the 5w- oils Porsche recommends (Ow- supposedly only benefits emissions control at expense of engine wear). Not sure if I remember correctly but the vario cam system needs these recommended oils to function properly.

    Re: Questions

    Thanks alot guys!

    Much appreciated...

    At night, when I have my lights on, do the letters (PRND) on the gear selector itself light up? Also, is there a way to get the Sports Chrono to stay illuminated?


    Re: Questions

    MA_911TT said:
    Also, is there a way to get the Sports Chrono to stay illuminated?

    Just a workaround. You need to be lightning fast on the Chrono control stalk to start and stop the clock. Then, when you turn the car off/on the clock remains lit.




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