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    clutch accumulator failure

    My TT is not a daily driver, but it is driven at least once a week. The car had suddenly developed an extraordinarily heavy clutch pedal feel when depressing the clutch to engage the starter. After engine start the clutch pedal feel immedialtely resumed it old characteristics, and the clutch operated normally. I took the car to the dealer who recognized the symptoms as an "accumulator failure". They had a new one installed pronto and all is well - but the dealer did advise that this failure is not unheard of on TT's. Apparently our clutch is not a traditional simple hydraulic master and slave cylinder , but employs some sort of hydraulic boost that is generated by the engine while running with pressure stored in the accumulator to ensure an easy pedal upon starting. I have about 4,500 miles on the car.
    Anyone else had this problem?


    Re: clutch accumulator failure

    Yeah,same here.Exact same thing

    Re: clutch accumulator failure


    Re: clutch accumulator failure

    Same here too. They spotted it leaking when I took the car in to replace the steering pump.

    I got a horrible high-pitched whine on starting the car up a couple of weeks ago, which was loudest when turning the wheel. Turns out the steering pump had had an internal failure.

    Two component failures on a 6-month old car wasn't quite what I had expected! I have just over 5000 miles

    Re: clutch accumulator failure

    My steering pump also had a problem, over pressurizing the sytem and causing fluid leak from the reservoir. No problem with clutch however.

    Re: clutch accumulator failure

    And now the pump that drives the rear spoiler has failed as well! The rear spoiler no longer goes up and down, is kind of lopsided and keeps displaying fault messages.

    Looks like Porsche had a bad batch of pumps - at least for my car

    Re: clutch accumulator failure

    Unlike the other 997s (not sure about GT2,3) the TT has an hydraulically assisted clutch. Makes it feel lighter and easier than the other cars without one. FWIW

    Re: clutch accumulator failure

    The clutch on my 2007 TT (had car about 2 years and with 8,400 miles) seems to have started experiencing this same "accumulator" issue about 4 weeks ago. Began as clutch being somewhat difficult to depress with car off, especially in top part of travel, but with clutch action normal once car running. Just a few weeks later clutch is now really hard to depress before car started, especially last 1/3 or so of travel, and now even a bit resistant/"chunky" while driving. Just watched it sail away of back of flatbed. While I still love my TT, I have got to admit being somewhat disappointed at the number of issues this vehicle has had (and the number of times I -- and my neighbors -- have seen it on a flatbed). I could maybe better understand if I tracked car and/or generally just beat on it, but I don't (i.e., no tire smoking dump-the-clutch grind-the-gears mad dashes for 0-60 or QM "glory"). Sure, I drive hard from time-to-time, but I respect the car (and the very large financial commitment a car like this entails); it seems that a Porsche, maybe more than any other sports car, should be less prone to these types of issues. Oh well.




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