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    Boxster S Hardtop

    hi - i am in the market for a Boxster S now, and there is a deal for a regular softop, but i am looking for a hardtop. my question is, can i order a hardtop, aftermarket or from porsche, and replace the regular softop? if so, what happens to the regular softop? can i just place it on without customization? sorry, i'm a real newbie when it comes to convertibles. also, is this a common thing to do? i'm interested in the hardtop for safety. also, for you with a boxster (or S) or 911 convertible, how much was it? thanks very much. i'd appreciate any info, since i have a deal on a Boxster S right now, and need to know about the hardtop option so i can get it and join the porsche family thanks again.

    Re: Boxster S Hardtop

    As with the 911 the Boxster softop remains on the car when you install the hardtop. You just lower the softop and then install the hardtop. IIRC the Boxster S hardtop runs about $2250 if you buy it as on option on a new order (the 911 hardtop is no charge). You can usually find a Boxster hardtop used (they're interchangable on all model year Boxsters) and all you'd need to install would be the spin-locks which a Porsche dealer can provide if they don't come with the used top.

    Re: Boxster S Hardtop

    thanks for the info!

    so theoretically i can run the hardtop all the time, but i can leave it home on a sunny day when i want top-down. and if it starts to rain on that day when i'm w/o the hardtop, i can put up the stock softop? so $2250...kinda pricey but i guess it's worth it for the safety. thanks!

    Re: Boxster S Hardtop

    I had the hardtop on my Boxster S for a year and a half before I took it off - it makes the Boxster into a nice coupe. You'll also either need someone to help or a winch system to remove/install the top as it's not something you should really do yourself (despite the photo in the factory Boxster book showing someone straddling the seats and holding the top over their head).

    Re: Boxster S Hardtop

    You can find it used for 1500 euros or less. Very nice option, chassi becomes more rigid with it, you don't wear so much the softop during hard winters, less cabin noise, lower's a bit the engine sound but remain agressive in a different way and makes you have almost three different good looking cars, go for it.


    Re: Boxster S Hardtop

    I hope you're aware that the all new Boxster generation is just around the corner. Buying a Boxster S now might not be the wisest thing to do, as soon as the new Boxster shows up, prices will surely drop.

    Dropping prices...

    While I generally agree RC, Boxster used values have plummeted (like other Porsche models, but probably worse). Honestly, I can't see them going too much lower. Getting a 2000 Boxster S for sometimes under $30K US? It is happening now. This was for a $55-60K car. Unbelievable in just a few years time. But the whole used car market is soft, definitely a buyer's market.

    I remember in 1999 and 2000 when you couldn't get a used one for much less than a new car sticker. Of course, there was a big demand with little supply back then.

    Times have changed, but I think we will have to wait too see the new MY05 interior, as it looks like the 987 exterior will not change much from the current 986. From the old spy photos of the 05 interior, I wasn't too impressed! I am quite happy with my 03S and will not trade up unless:

    1) the HP goes up significantly (not just 10hp!)
    2) the price remains close to the existing prices
    3) used market stabilizes (or goes up)

    Regardless, I think used Boxster prices will stabilize as the cannibals have already started buying them at these great prices. My 03S is probably the best year with all of the new options, a little more power, and I've already enjoyed driving it for a year already.



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