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    Nav DVD is for Extended-Nav

    About a month ago my nav unit was installed. It is the standard nav unit not the extended-navigation option. My local dealer was not able to provide me a DVD for the unit as they had some sort of supply issue from PCNA (and NavTeq, apparently).

    On Tuesday I took my car in to have the window tint redone on the drivers door. I also mentioned checking on the status of the DVD to my service writer. When I picked up the car on Tuesday evening the service writer provided me with a shrink wrapped DVD and mentioned that there was much confusion with the nav unit, PCNA, and NavTeq.

    When I got home I looked over the shrink wrapped DVD and notice that it is clearly marked as the DVD for (and only for) the Extended-Nav option. My question to those of you who know the nav system is, what are the differences between the nav and extended-nav DVDs and is it safe to put the Extended-Nav DVD in my standard nav system?


    Re: Nav DVD is for Extended-Nav

    As far as I know,the main addition to the extended nav. includes a feature which allows you to keep track of your trip.
    You can " back trace " the route you just travelled , even if the road is too small to be on the map(or not on the map for some other reason )

    i.e. you may not know where you are or where you have just been, but you are definitely NOT LOST . Lol

    Regarding the DVD, stick it in. It can do no harm, but the DVD player may not recognize it .
    I put a regular DVD into mine( in the vain hope I may get a picture but.....)
    Then I put the Nav. DVD into my computer.It shows the files on the DVD but will not let me open them.

    Re: Nav DVD is for Extended-Nav

    I have the extended nav system in mine and was not aware that there was a s/w difference between the two. Again, they say that the extended is best for areas that are prone to route building (the wild west of the USA) compared to the established areas like the UK.


    Re: Nav DVD is for Extended-Nav

    Actually Dan, there are so many new roads being built in the UK - not so many new main roads but instead the access roads to a new housing development or the private road going through a new housing development. Also, we have so many new retail parks, industrial estates, shopping malls, supermarket car parks all of which have new perimeter roads and access roads.

    I usually punch in my destination route request before I drive off so if I'm in any one of these new type of roads, it's handy to have a system that doesn't depend on the road being digitised on the DVD. I prefer a system that can work out a way even if it doesn't know the exact road I happen to be on.

    Re: Nav DVD is for Extended-Nav

    I popped in the "Extended-Nav DVD" and it works flawlessly in my non-extended system! I am so glad now to know that I can find my way to work and home! (Actually, a local Rennteamer made me a copy of his DVD so I've been able to find my way around for the past few weeks)

    Re: Nav DVD is for Extended-Nav

    I didn't realize that the UK was gong through such growth,--but I suppose it's happening everywhere!

    Good to hear that the Extended Nav DVD works in the regular set ups. I would have been really surprised to see them having to maintain two different s/w releases.




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