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    Have to mountain bike !! The Porsche roof transport system is really brilliant - it works perfectly and even comes on and off in about 10 minutes...


    Looks good John. Besides being excellent for bikes and extra luggage also a way to carry a full-sized spare on a daily basis.

    ten minute set up time is good.


    John -

    Could you tell me how much it cost, and is there any chance that the car's finish could be damaged?


    JasonF said:
    John -

    Could you tell me how much it cost, and is there any chance that the car's finish could be damaged?

    That's what I don't trust about them. You have to remove the elongated plastic caps on the car's roof to bolt down the rack. Just wondering how many cycles you can put those thru before they start to fall apart.

    Also, having another person on the opposite side of the car seems a requirement when installing. No matter how careful when alone you are eventually gonna do some damage by dropping and/or misaligning the cross members.

    Seems like any other rack system, it is best to put the rack on and leave it on for long periods if used routinely.

    Has Porsche designed something into this rack to make on-off-on-off-on-off less problematic and accident prone compared to other mfgrs?

    No damamge from rack - easy to install

    Well, I had this rack on my 996 and kept it on for reasonable amounts of time - removed it for cleaning or if I just wanted the clean look for a while. It never scratched the roof at all. Also you do not have to remove the little flaps on the roof to install - they actually FLIP up and you install the rack like that. There are foam inserts that you can not see in the picture that fit between the rack and the roof.

    The rack is easy to install alone - it's very light and I can just lower it onto the car from one side.

    I think the roof transport is around $400 and then you have to buy the trays also. I bought THULE trays and used the VW fit kit for them. VW has the same roof transport system so the VW THULE adaptors work perfectly.

    I would not get the Porsche bike holder because it is a stand up version instead of the fork mount which is much more stable. Porsche does not offer FORK MOUNT trays....

    This system is about 1000% better than a normal rack because there are no clamps that go into rain gutters or into window seals or anything. It all bolts onto holes that are in the roof....

    Hope it helps...

    Re: No damamge from rack - easy to install

    Thanks John, I was thinking about getting the rack system so my daughter and I could go riding...Now what to do about muddy wheels with a fork-mounted rack system! Do they fit in the trunk???

    Mountain Biking with a Porsche.....

    OK - here's how I do it !!!

    I have a wheel bag for the front wheel. So when I'm done riding the wheel goes in the bag and then it fits in the back seat easily. I even have an extra wheel bag for pals I ride with.

    To keep the inside of the car clean I wear flip flops to the trail head - then keep my riding shoes in a bag. When I'm ready to get out of the car I take the bike shoes out of the bag and put them on the ground next to the car. I take the flip flops of in the car and put my feet straight into the bike shoes. and then reverse when I'm done..

    So the car never get's dirty.... unless of course I'M ALL DIRTY when I'm done... but as long as it's not too muddy I'm ok....

    Re: Mountain Biking with a Porsche.....

    Pretty clever, may work for me. Does the rack give off a lot of wind noise???

    Wind noise - YES - that's really the only drawback

    Besides looks I guess... I ride 2-3 times a week so it's a neccesity... but every once in a while I like to take the rack off and just have the virgin Porsche !!

    Re: Wind noise - YES - that's really the only drawback

    mmmmm, your black looks good!



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