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    Creaking Targa hatchback

    Hi all,

    Anyone have any issues with creaking from the back of their 997 Targa?Smiley   It seems like it's come from both of the  hinges that open/close the rear hatch.  Possible it's coming from somewhere else but that's my impression...


    Re: Creaking Targa hatchback

    I'd be interested in knowing as well.  My Targa will be delivered next week.

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    Re: Creaking Targa hatchback

    I had a 996 Targa and after 8000km (first 6 mos of ownership), the roof started rattling and squeaking. I brought it to several dealerships to get it sorted and none of them ever fully did.

     I LOVED that car, except for the roof buzzes, rattles, and squeaks.

     I don't for a second believe the Porsche propaganda that the roof on the 997 is meaningfully different from the one on the 996. (ASIDE: When the 997 Carrera came out, Porsche claimed that it was 80% new compared to the 996. Part of the 20% that did not change was the roof. All other body panels or portions were redesigned. Why did they leave the roof the same? To accommodate the Targa top. That was always my opinion on the matter. Porsche did buy the company that makes that roof system. Its also my opinion that roof rattles are why the 997 Targa has a softer suspension set up that the Carrera.)

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    Re: Creaking Targa hatchback

    I gather that the glass is thinner, that the guides for the roof are made of a different material that better copes with heat and cold, and that the pulley mechanism is smoother on the 997. I'm interested too as a Targa may well be the next car. 
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    Re: Creaking Targa hatchback

    So my 09 Targa 4 is in... and for now it stays in the garage as I await the right floormats and study over the books, but it may hit the road soon ... though to get out to the 7 month mark will mean I cannot report back until next July on "how its running long term".

    That said, I'm willing to post some pics of the roof mechanism, glass, etc here if anyone is interested.  I'd like to see some pics of the 996 mechanism for comparison purposes, if thats possible.

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    94 Golf /// -> 09 997.2 Targa = Keeping it in the family

    Re: Creaking Targa hatchback

    Hi all, 

    I currently drive a 07 targa 4s, sweet ride let me tell you.

     it has done some 9000 Miles. When i get out of the garage, the road level and the garage level are not the same. So when i back up, one wheel at a time changes levels, and thats when i get the creaking noise.

     Mind you, i have a 1997, 993, Carrera 4s, another classic sweet ride, and i experience the same thing, but again, only when backing out of the garage.

    So i gues it normal.



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    Re: Creaking Targa hatchback

    Sharp color, great model! Have safe trips and enjoy!

    Re: Creaking Targa hatchback

    I am  about to buy  a used Targa  but before plunging in   can someone comment on the  wind noise  with roof closed and  open  as   some U-tube videos  sound pretty  noisy to me...


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