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    Have you learned or discovered anything new that would help?

    Looking at a Silver/Black fully loaded with NAV, heat, xenon, Bose, CD changer and other things. Fairly happy with the discount on the car and the trade-in allowance. John from San Francisco's pictures really moved me towards purchasing. Would be my daily driver. Last Porsche I owned was a 2001 Boxster, which I absolutely loved and hated to have to trade-in.

    Is there anything you can tell me that would 'move me' to purchase? Anything you've learned about the car, the experience, that you've learned or discovered that you didn't know before you bought it?


    Re: Have you learned or discovered anything new that would h

    Must be a non-S Cararra off the lot? Hey, if you like it buy it and don't look back. There's not much difference between the S and non-S. Only when you get really fussy (like me) in mid-winter that it gets annoying: "should I wait or not wait?"

    I say go for it!

    Chicks dig it !!!

    Seriously - best car I've ever owned. They finally have the interior right, the power is there, at least in the S for sure... but I was happy with the power in my 996 at only 300 bhp... The looks are stunning - more so in person. I love gadgets so having the NAV and all the other electronics AND one hell of a sports car is the perfect package for me.

    I can't think of anything I would change on it.... I think the leather is a waste of money, I wish the CD player played MP3s... but that's really minor stuff.

    As far as driving and power, I could not be happier. I really thought when I traded in the 996.... how can they make the suspension better than this??? But it really is - ZERO roll, almost no pitching into corners and it just feels solid as a rock. Variable steering I didn't even notice until it suprised me while I was parking..... at speed it feels as tight as the 996 steering....

    You only live once...

    Re: Chicks dig it !!!

    I read everything as if I was obsessed. Okay, maybe I was..., but I'm not going to admit it. I was also one of the fortunate few in the Washington, DC metro area to get a test drive. So I thought that there was nothing that would really shocked me after delivery and everything was as expected after delivery.

    Driving home today, I was struck by one thing that was not as expected and depending on your passion for music, it may mean nothing to you so maybe you want to stop reading this now. For me, driving down a back country road with the stereo playing just the right song to maintain the battle rhythm against the turns and hills, but not so loud as to cover the feedback from the engine, puts me in heaven. Although I had a Bose Acoustic Wave system in my RX-7, which was the best car stereo I had ever heard, I was shocked that the Bose system in the 997 was comparable. Although I would not base a decision to buy the 997 on this stereo system, it was a very positive choice that no one should have second thoughts about. I agree with John that full leather is a waste of money, but not so with Bose. All of my music from Bach to Schwester S sounds brand new.

    Re: Chicks dig it !!!

    I recently got a 2003 Boxster S, and absolutely love it. If its big brother was my kinda car I wouldn't think twice before getting it.
    And like Holminator says, the Bose is a definate plus

    GO FOR IT!



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