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    996 GT2 Model 2004

    Updated 996 GT2 will be released in the autumn.
    Updated suspension,stiffer dampers and springs.
    New Michelin tires.
    488 HP.
    Same optics as before.

    Re: 996 GT2 Model 2004

    Is this confirmed info Christian?
    I saw you've got one!
    Great car, are you happy with it?
    A bit rough for everyday no?
    Hard to drive?

    Re: 996 GT2 Model 2004

    I got the info at the show from a very reliable source.

    Re: 996 GT2 Model 2004

    I forgot to answer your question.
    I have an S500 as well but I like to drive the Porsche as often as possible but it's a bit tricky on the limit though.

    Re: 996 GT2 Model 2004

    Yeah, it can be quite a tough car.
    Plus you're gonna get a Carrera GT soon so that's two extreme cars, you don't need that.
    I'll tell you what, I'll do you a favor, when you get your GT, I'll exchange your GT2 with my C4C.
    No no, don't thank me...

    There will be changes for MY 2004

    But details aren't official yet.

    I heard of a lot of power upgrades for various models but it is easier to find out where Saddam is than to get a conclusive precise information from Porsche about new models or model changes.

    Fact is: Porsche has to raise power figures to be able to cope with the competition. I heard that Mercedes gives them a tough time because a lot of potential customers want to see high power figures too.

    Re: 996 GT2 Model 2004

    I hope thats true and that there will be a retrofit possible on my 2003. The stiffer springs (yellow) are already available through porsche motorsports. I feel they should also offer lighter wheels and at least 520 hp. The new tires should also be something like what is going to be on the new lighter 360 modena (a dot legal race compound tire).

    Re: 996 GT2 Model 2004

    The new Michelin tires is the same type as on the Carrera GT,
    same compound/not size of course and no that is not DOT race legal tires.
    Bare in mind that all Porsches is to be considered as an everyday car with excellent behaviour whatever the weather conditions and should have a normal wear factor on the tires as well.
    Regarding the power increase of 26hp it might not be what we all want but certainly what you could expect from Porsche.
    A moderate increase but enough to widen the gap between the current GT2 and the new GT3.

    Re: 996 GT2 Model 2004

    How certain are you 04's will be upgraded? I'm just about to buy another GT2, and altho' i can't truly use the current capability of the car 10/10, your news is worthy of consideration.
    Thank you

    Re: 996 GT2 Model 2004

    This info came from a person working at the weissach department.
    This info was told to me at the geneva show/Carrera GT presentation.

    Re: 996 GT2 Model 2004

    What do you think this will do to 2002 & 2003 GT2 prices? Do you think they will go down even more?

    Re: 996 GT2 Model 2004

    My feeling is that GT2 is a very special car and by more HP for the '04 (if it is true) the market for '02 & '03 won't be hurt as bad as that of '01 & '02 996. (regular Carrera).

    Even though the production for GT2 is not limited but in Houston alone I have seen ONLY one GT2 out in the street ever since they came out.

    Maybe I'm too cynical, but I think the resale on the GT2...

    will be soft. I think the reason that so few have sold is because they are not perceived as a good value at $180k. How do you justify an 80% premium over a GT3 (and $60k over a TT). Very similar cars except the GT2 has PCCB stock ($8k option). Otherwise, it has a slightly wider rear - what else is different besides the engine? The engine has more power and torque than a GT3, but the GT3 is the more costly engine to develop (8,200 rpm, Ti conrods, etc.). The GT2 motor is a slightly tuned TT motor. I think the used market will not be that kind to the GT2. Of course, there will be very few of them around, so if the demand is high, the price will be strong. I'm just not convinced that the demand will be there, especially if there is a 997 GT2.

    Re: 996 GT2 Model 2004

    I believe the resale value of the GT2 is going to drop a bit further when the 2004 model is released.
    My own GT2 is for sale.
    August 2001,silver,clubsport,29000km,and lots of options.
    I have placed an order for the GT3RS Special Edition
    which is to be built in a series of 200 according to rumours.

    Christian - What do you know about the GT3RS street version?

    Do you know the price, performance, weight, if it will be US-legal, etc?

    Re: Christian - What do you know about the GT3RS street version?

    There has been no confirmation yet from the factory regarding
    this model.
    My guess is that it won't be US legal if produced,since it will most certainly have the factory rollcage which isn't legal in the US if I'm not wrong.
    The car will probaly be a clubsport lightweight version,
    my guess would be 70-100 kg lighter.

    Re: Christian - What do you know about the GT3RS street version?

    Well, that's great news - at least we can retrofit the lighter parts in the US, I hope. Are these the models that will have the special paint (1973) scheme?

    GT2 Price

    What should I be paying for a new 2002 or 2003 GT2 from a dealer?

    Re: GT2 Price

    What should I be paying for a new 2002 or 2003 GT2 from a dealer?

    One at my dealer is $189,000. That was with roughly $7,000 in options (upstate New York).

    Re: Maybe I'm too cynical, but I think the resale on the GT2...

    you may be right, but at 150 a low mi 02 gt2 is a value. i'm in the gt2 market right now and dealers will sell NEw 03's for 15 back, unheard of, that's almost no profit, and would be profitless w/o the 5K holdback.
    i'm debating whether there is any value to the 22K difference, i belive not. what do you think?

    Re: 996 GT2 Model 2004

    what is the euro market for your car?

    Re: 996 GT2 Model 2004

    I have a late 2002 GT2 which dynoed out at 430.2 US hp on the rear wheels (stock as out of the showroom) ,which according to the dyno people figured to be in excess of 500 flywheel horses.
    If these are real horses, the rating for the 2004 model seems very reasonable.
    Does anyone have any other Dyno numbers?



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