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    Notchy 3-4 shift on 987S

    I have noticed that my manual shift 987S occasionally fails to fully engage 4th gear during normal driving. I'll use the same light pressure on the shifter as on the other gears, but find that I'm in neutral. This usually occurs in the 1st few miles of a drive after the car has been idle for a while and the engine is cool. Engaging 4th also has a less positive feel than the other gears. I only have 1,000 miles on the car right now. Is this likely to improve after break-in? Seems like I've read about the vague 3-4 shift somewhere before.

    Re: Notchy 3-4 shift on 987S

    Same here. I occasionally found that I would "crunch" going from 3rd to 4th. It just seems that the travel is further than I first thought and it is slightly notchy. I've got used to it now. More me than gearbox, it has to be said.

    And welcome to Rennteam.

    Re: Notchy 3-4 shift on 987S

    1000 miles up this week (why is the break in period taking so long?!) and still the occaisional crunch - or even totally missed gear between 3rd & 4th - making me edgy a bit the amount I'm doing it - missing the funof the slick shifting - hopefully will smooth up as time goes on...

    Re: Notchy 3-4 shift on 987S

    Same here. Have just pasted 1500 km, half way there... All gears have loosen up except for 3-4. And the engine....want more revs than the 4200!!!

    Re: Notchy 3-4 shift on 987S

    Doesn't sound like a problem, then. Just a "characteristic" to get used to. The gearbox is very slick once used to it. I've done 1500 miles now and keeping under 5,000 rpm a real problem, but I am still treading only lightly on the loud pedal. The speedometer is really accurate, deviating no more than 2 mph at a steady 80 from the GPS readout on my Origin B2. I know I've said this many times before, but the "Porsche Experience" just keeps getting better.

    Re: Notchy 3-4 shift on 987S

    Your cars must be broken...mine is fine 2000 miles in!!

    Re: Notchy 3-4 shift on 987S

    newboxster said:
    Your cars must be broken...mine is fine 2000 miles in!!

    It's the driver that's broken (me) not the car

    Re: Notchy 3-4 shift on 987S

    1700 miles in and mine is still a bit notchy from 3rd to 4th. Its definatly got better, and once the car is warmed up its usually fine.

    Hey dreamcar, how can you still be going easy with her after that many miles???? I passed the 1500 miles mark this weekend and as soon as I'd done it, I found a nice stretch of road and nailed it! The manual says 1800 I think, but sod that I reckon 1500 will be more than enough

    Let the engine warm up nicely, then give it some gas!

    Re: Notchy 3-4 shift on 987S

    My dealer said 1000 miles, 5k revs

    I'm only at 350 miles though.

    Re: Notchy 3-4 shift on 987S

    Actually my dealer said the same as well, wasnt sure whether to believe him or not... Such a big difference from the manuall So I thought 1000 miles under 5k, then upto 1500 miles with a little bit over every now and then.. after 1500 the full monty!!!!

    Martin, did you get yours from West London?

    Re: Notchy 3-4 shift on 987S

    RichJ said:
    Martin, did you get yours from West London?

    Yes, from Bryan.

    Re: Notchy 3-4 shift on 987S

    I got mine from Porsche Colchester with 2300 miles, as a manager car. There's no telling whether it had any break-in treatment or not. No issues with the gears though which I rate as a good sign.

    So I ran her a couple of long stretches on the motorway last week at around 4k (Wales, weee), just to make sure things can fall into place. With 3300 miles now I figure the car is much more ready for serious action than I am.

    My personal approach to a brandnew car would be to limit the first 1000 miles to 4k, then gradually bring it up to full capacity over the next 500 miles. That's no science though, just my own gut feeling.



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