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I held off on getting a 997 and have been trying to get a spider for 30-40 over sticker for several months now as that is all I can pay and no luck ... here are 5 - 430 spiders in LA that were available and are all sold now , they went from 320 - 350 a 100K + over sticker . I found one last week for 300 and that was still almost 90 over . I test drove a 430 and after owning 911's for 20 years have to say it is a completely different world ... OMG ! It is so frustrating not to be able to get the car close to MSRP becuase it is really an amazing car . The test drive was far beyond my expectations .. I think the Ferrari would be a natural progression for lots of Porsche buyers if the car could be had for MSRP .

Drive the 997 Turbo...and then talk to me again. The F430 has been a "breakthrough" for Ferrari, from all aspects. The same will be the 997 Turbo for Porsche, you'll be surprised.

RC, don't mean to be rude, but perhaps you should stop tryiing to persuade people, that no matter if they've decided for let's say a F430 or a Gallardo, they've made the wrong decision since the 997tt will be that much better.
Sure, the 997tt will be a great and damn fast car, as the 996tt was damn fast, as the 993tt was damn fast and even as the 964turbo3.6 was damn fast.
But the turbo was always and always will be nothing more than a beefed up 911 Porsche, whereas cars like the F430 or the Gallardo are unique and are playing in their very own league, called "affordable exotic supercars with fantastic looks, sounds and great performance". The turbo Porsches are as fast as those cars or may be even faster, but that's the only thing they have in common. The turbo is no "Carrera GT for the poor man", which would justify to put it in the same class as F430 or Gallardo, it's just anonther version of the current 911. It's just like saying a BMW M3 is as good or better as an 911, just because this car is as fast as the Porsches. I'm sure you would never do that, right?

So let me put it this way: the F430 (or Gallardo SE if you want) is an extraordinary good car, which offers the following to you: extreme acceleration, speed and performance which are among the best what you can buy for the money you have to pay for the car, stunning looks which will always put you in the middle wherever you appear (perhaps not to anyone's liking but surely a fact), possible for everyday use, although most of the owners won't use those cars like that and - last but not least and it hasn't always been like this - top quality although you buy a rather exotic car.
Sure, I know you are exited about getting your 997tt which will be cracker, no doubt, but so are the others who are waiting on their F430/GallardoSE or who already own a 360/CS/Gallardo etc. pp.

Got it?

it is true that the 997tt is to 911 porsche what the m3 is for the 3series bmw ,or the e55 to e class mercedes, a faster variant . only the enthousiast knows the difference ,a women for example will never know the difference between a tt,c2s,c4s,c2,c4,targa etc.. the G or 430 are more exclusive cars that dont have other variants . then after all, it makes me think that if the 430 is in the same price range of the 997tt , the 430 is a better value for money car,and also depreciate less . the only thing i would be loosing with a 430 against a tt is maybe few milliseconds that i cant be sorry for since i am no proffesional race driver to take the very max out of the 500HP,and even with the experience i have ,and the driving courses i have taken , i am sure i will still be few dozens of seconds behind a pro like w.rohl on the ring. but for all the rest the 430 gives you more: looks,sound,exclusivity,thrill of driving,warranty(3years),price retention, etc...
even tough i love both cars ,i always said they are very different...just my point of view..