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    Perspective On Cayman Pricing

    Regardless of your opinion of the Cayman's styling or its relevance to the Porsche "universe", the oft heard criticism about its pricing may not be justified.
    Consider that in terms of USA MSRP:
    1) The C2 Cab is essentially the same price as the 997S
    2) A 997S with X51 will cost more than a 997S Cab
    3) The "base" Cayman will most certainly be priced less than the 987S
    The common theme is that Porsche demands a premium for horsepower no matter how incremental (insubstantial??) the increase. The argument that a hardtop by nature should cost less than a convertible does not apply to other Porsche models when HP is taken into consideration. It may be more forthright to simply state that one does not care for the car (for any of a number of reasons) rather than to label it a poor value compared to its ragtop sibling based on the pricing structure of both 987 and 997.

    Re: Perspective On Cayman Pricing

    Interesting data. My question to you would be, are prices of powerkits comparable to prices of upgrading to the next larger sized engine? Powerkits are understandibly more expensive than the upgrading from a base model to an S version.

    Using your data and replicating the 911 line, a Cayman S should cost the same as a Boxster, plus some percentage of a full powerkit($14k). This is just for the fun of argument.

    I think part of the reason for complaint is that magazines reported that a slightly cheaper version of the Boxster would be coming, and now Porsche is marketing it as a level above the Boxster, using 15hp as justification. You would naturally expect the convertible version to cost more based on the 911, and people were taken by surprise when the Cayman prices were released. If the 15hp were not there, I suppose Porsche could not justify the price, and they realized this.

    So it would seem that much of the public is perceiving the CaymanS to be nothing more than a BoxsterS Coupe, whereas you will find little complaint about the pricing of a 911S + x50 compared to a 911S Cab. Don't ask me why.

    - J

    Re: Perspective On Cayman Pricing

    As much as some of these posters want you to believe otherwise, owning a 911 is also about prestige and being "better" than the Joneses.

    It's also why most on this board get so agitated when Nick makes a Ferrari vs. Porsche post. They know Ferrari carries a much "higher" level of branding but seem to want to refute it based on their own personal ownership/desire for ownership of a 911.

    Me personally... I just want Porsche's marketing team to read my posts and get their head out of their @ss. Seems to me that you can't just keep holding back a vehicle just to have it fall in order of its model designation. At some point consumers will wisen up. Porsche also needs to understand that the branding Porsche had back in 993 days is long gone... but I'm sure they won't care unless it hurts them in the pocketbook.

    Re: Perspective On Cayman Pricing

    Yes, as long as Porsche makes huge profits they could care less about the branding they once had when the 993 was around.

    I don't hide the fact that I like the prestige of Porsche, but that only goes so far. The bigger part of their appeal for me is the driving experience, which is often coupled with at least a moderate amount of comfort.
    Also, for me it has nothing to do with feeling superior than others. A person's true worth should never be measured by his/her bank account or the car that he/she drives. I just like enjoying very nice things, nothing more.



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