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    Re: Stalled Out on Tesla’s Electric Highway


    Logs have been published.

    "Obvious violations of common sense" Well I called it before I knew the logs were published.. boy that biased reporter must feel stupid now.. probably not since it's the US... In Europe he would be done. Anyways, all this bashing from various angles towards Tesla and EVs.. do I sense envy in the US now too? Can't charge it at work, don't buy it. Travel long distances, don't buy? Can't operate using common sense, don't buy it. Can't afford it (argument it's too expensive), DON'T BUY IT!

    No one is saying this EV thing is now King. Let's keep it real people. I am against EVs in principle, but I love Elon for just going for it and using much of own capital. That is a rare exception these days. He has a vision and he just made it reality. Afteral the Model S did get Car of the Year 2012. I feel like everyone is missing the point...

    EVs won't save the world for now, electricity is derived from burning fossil fuels etc.. but someone has to initiate to process of making new technologies cheaper using economies of scale. More units built = more research and reduced costs. Perhaps even leading to new breakthroughs down the road...

    I for one enjoy when a Telsa rolls down the road meaning one less car polluting me and reducing my life expectancy. It looks great and performs, something which no other EV has even come to achieve as of yet. Furthermore, Elon Musk is my role model, someone I look up to because of his above achievements and pure drive. That is the American Dream right? Who else is there? Obama, give me a break. Athletes? Woods or Armstrong.. lol nice one.

    End of rant. I do appreciate the 3 different Model S that are spotted daily in downtown Vancouver. It fits right in to the Quattroportes, S and E AMGs and various 7ers. Smiley

    Re: Stalled Out on Tesla’s Electric Highway

    I do like the idea, the car and the guy. But he doesn't have to promise at all cost a no compromise car...

    Re: Stalled Out on Tesla’s Electric Highway

    CGX car nut:

    Did government and taxpayer dollars fund the first petrol stations?  

    No. But in the present era US government and taxpayer dollars have funded at least two EV manufacturers.



    Re: Stalled Out on Tesla’s Electric Highway

    CGX car nut:

    Did government and taxpayer dollars fund the first petrol stations?  

    No. But in the present era US government and taxpayer dollars have funded at least two EV manufacturers.

    Is U.S. Government funding of "green" companies a good thing?  Many would say "No."

    Re: Stalled Out on Tesla’s Electric Highway

    Was bailing out the Automotive industry a good thing? Many would say "NO"

    Honestly, what U.S. Government funding is a good thing these days? Investing in something that's not based on the 18th century is probably a good thing on a holistic approach.


    The social media tête-à-tête between the New York Times and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, stemming from a defamatory review by John Broder of the Model S and Tesla's new "Supercharger" network on the East Coast, is heating up in a major way. Just yesterday we summarized the Twitter spat, and now Musk has expanded upon the data recorded during Broder's test drive – adding major credence to the criticism of the NYT writer.

    The smoking gun in this case is the information that was captured by the data recorder in Broder's loaned Model S. The data recording function is one that in only activated for consumers when permission has been expressly granted, says Musk, but is always turned on in the case of media vehicles. Thusly equipped, Broder's vehicle was keeping track of speed, charging data, map data and more, presumably without the writers foreknowledge.

    The evidence recorded by the in-car systems happens to contravene Broder's most damning claims of the Tesla, says Musk in his article titled A Most Peculiar Test Drive. First, and perhaps most shockingly, the Model S "State of Charge" log shows that Broder's test car "never ran out of energy at any time." Broder's reporting indicated that the car ran completely out of juice at one point and had to be evacuated on a flatbed truck. The data log also points out that the trip was made at speeds ranging from 105 to 130 km/h (65 to 81 miles per hour), where the writer claimed to have set the cruise control at 87 km/h (54 mph), with periods of driving as slowly as 72 km/h (45 mph).

    Musk's piece also indicates that Broder – who was ostensibly driving to test the charging network – didn't tell the truth about how long he charged his Model S. At one stop he specifically writes that he charged the car for 58 minutes on his second stop, where the log indicates that he was on the Supercharger for just 47 minutes. Tesla claims that the writer charged his car to 90 per cent of capacity on his first stop, 72 per cent on his second and just 28 percent on his third – all despite his concerns over just barely having enough energy to complete the respective legs of his trip.

    Taken at face value, Tesla's data seems compelling to say the least. With that said, we're no more in a position to attest to the veracity of the logged data, than we are the claims of Mr. Broder. At the very least it will be fascinating to see what the NYT does to respond, if anything at all, to this rather serious, high-profile assault on its credibility.

    For it's part, Tesla is taking Elon's article as the final word on the matter. A company spokesperson released this statement, just this morning: "Please note, no one from Tesla – including Elon – will be providing additional comment on this topic moving forward as we feel the blog speaks for itself. At this time, this post is the company's final statement on the issue."



    Re: Stalled Out on Tesla’s Electric Highway

    The saga continues with the refuting of the Tesla data log:

    I've now added statements from the tow truck driver.

    The temperature is bit lower than what was originally implied. If the temperature to battery range ratio is not linear, it is very possible to the issue reported by the NYT writer.



    Re: Stalled Out on Tesla’s Electric Highway

    And now the anti EV amateur "reporter" commented flip flopping on his speed claims. He blames it on different rim size lol. Who's to believe his ime logging at the charging stations when he's known to be anti EV and proved to be struggling with numbers... I don't think tesla will make any other responses to this thing. Musk spoke his mind, exposed the data and is done with it. Must be trying but haters gonna hate. 



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