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    Re: 997 TT or 430

    RonnieC6Z said:
    RC said:
    nberry said:
    Here is what an owner of a 997S had to say:

    >> The Turbo (IMHO) just doesn't have the looks and the passion (compared to Italian alternatives) that a Pounds100k+ supercar should have. Plus my current Carrera S is just as good a GT car as the TT given the speed limits here outside of German Autobarns

    You must admit he has a point.

    He has NO point. This is just an excuse, same as some Ferrari drivers use when it comes to serious performance driving over here in Germany. C'mon, a car is for driving, not for putting it in the living room and looking at it.
    If I want beauty, I look at my wife. If I want passion, I have fun with her. And if I want to drive fast and have fun driving, I use the 997 Turbo. The problem is that some of the enjoyment of Ferrari driving is actually not the driving itself but the being seen driving. It is a poser's car, no doubt about it but of course there are people who enjoy the driving itself too but unfortunately not that many. And don't tell me where I know this from, I know dozends of Ferrari and Porsche drivers. Getting back to the F430: the F430 is a fantastic sportscar and it looks very good, no doubt about it. Whoever says something else must be out of his mind. But when it comes to choosing ONE sportscar for my enjoyment, I have to choose the best one for driving. And the comparison with the 996 GT2 MkII actually showed how fast even older Porsches are. Or take the tuned 993 Turbo who joined us, I could hardly pass him and this guy never had technical issues. We also had a F355 Spider with us, a beautiful black one with black painted wheels. Gorgeous car. The most ugly Ferrari is actually the F360 Modena, never understood why people liked it. Same applies to the Mondial, horrible car.

    I agree, the 997 Turbo is no beauty but it always attracts attention and I actually never heard somebody saying: oh boy, this car is ugly, on the contrary. But I agree, women love the Ferrari most, which actually should give Ferrari owners a little hint what it is all about.

    The F430 is the first "affordable" Ferrari which is both, beautiful and fast. All the "affordable" Ferrari models before the F430 were crap in my opinion, even my "beloved" F355 wasn't a very good performer. The Enzo is a different story, I heard even Porsche engineers dreaming of this car and showing respect. The 599 still have to prove it's capabilities but after my 550 Maranello encounter with my 996 Turbo back in 2000 (a famous german opera singer with Monaco license plates), I was pretty disappointed with Ferrari. I outran him in the 200-300 kph speed range pretty easy and this guy was actually explaining it with "more luggage" he had onboard. I had two large Samsonite in the rear, so he couldn't be serious.

    Nevertheless, the F430 is still a Ferrari and the 997TT is just another piece of overhyped German junk.

    Are you still here?

    Re: 997 TT or 430

    arakis said:
    Actualy RC The PASSON of the Ferraris is not defind as a excuse, it is mearly a fackt of life, like gravity, or Ohm's Law, there is no way around it. Ferrari is Passon personified. Explain to me why every single time a Magazine or tv show host or any human being sits in the F430 presses the start button, gets tingles in his spine. Every time he presses the accelerator prays to god that the adrenalyn rush doesent leave his body, and it doesent until he exits the car, and almost faints from the exostion of trying to accept all the wonderfull things that just happened to him.
    That is what Porsche lacks.(except for carrera Gt)
    Like A tv show host put it: (They are blindingly fast, but way to mechanical-emotionless)

    the diff between ferraris and porsches is

    in a porsche is how fast u drive -acceleration, cornering speed etc.

    but in a Ferrari its the excitment that driving fast brings.

    more or less: gonig 200 mph, or c*ming at 200 mph.

    Very well said!!!

    Re: 997 TT or 430

    Crash said:
    RonnieC6Z said:
    RC said:
    Rossi said:
    If I had to drive the one everyday, under all circumstances, in every situation, I'd choose the 997tt.

    In any other case: F430.

    Fun car for the weekends: F430 Spider.
    Fun car daily driver: 997 Turbo.

    I would love to own both but I would never buy the F430 Coupe, especially not after today.
    Oh, I would also add a Z06 to my garage. It would be my "don't care if I crash" fun toy.

    RC...Cute statement about the Z06. Here is another cute are an [censored].

    You know what? You have the right to an opinion, but calling people assholes and even more derogatory names, is something that isn't tolerated on these forums. If you can't behave, get lost! I'm tired of your constant harrassment of other members and calling anyone who doesn't agree with you names. Either start behaving becoming to an adult, or go back to Corvetteforums or wherever you came from. I won't even degrade myself replying to your other moronic comments, but insulting the guy who finances this board by himself, along with some other enthusiasts, is unacceptable! You are a troll and I hope Christian bans you for good! [/quote

    Wow! You really ARE emotional. And you drive a Porsche to boot!!! A troll....I think I like that!!! Thank you.



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