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    To paddle or not to paddle...need your expert opinio


    Ever since Porsche came out with the paddle system, I have had some second thoughts about the one million dollar question Smiley? To do, or not to do this mod ???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So I made the following analysis:
    What I like on buttons
    I like very much the look of the my steering wheel, and at least from the pictures the new steering doesn´t look better, although almost everyone who seen it and felt it, said it looks and feels much better. Right now I´m stuck in Hong Kong due to ashes, but as soon as I get home I´ll try to look and feel this new steering wheel.
    I like the ticker feel provided by steering wheel at 9h15. I´m 1,91mts and have big hands so they adjust perfectly.
    I appreciate the fact on relax days while cruising, I can ride only with my left hand on the steering wheel and still be able to down/upshift whenever I can (one of benefits of buttons over paddles)
    But the best benefit of buttons over paddles is the fact you can have multifunction steering wheel, which I will loose if I decide to choose for paddles.
    And the best benefit of button over paddles is when you´re driving very fast on a mountain road, it´s easy to use the push/pull system because you just know whenever you push/pull, it will upshift/downshift, which doesn´t happened with paddles, with those, you´ll have to think exactly where the paddles downshift/upshift re in order not make a mistake.
    What I don´t like
    The fact I have to push the button in order to upshift does give me an artificial kind of feeling that some how cuts the driving pleasure in all kind of situations.
    Buttons have a plastic feel to it.
    The buttons are not 100% fixed, let me try to explain, it moves 1 mm from side to side if you know what I mean, it would be much better if buttons had a 100% fixed feel, it would provide a better push/pull play.
    I find myself driving in automatic mode more than I wish, wish didn´t happened on other cars I drove with paddles.
    What I like about paddles
    It gets you more close to the action and this is something I´m really looking for.
    The paddles play is more attractive.
    It will make me use much more the manual mode.
    What I don´t like
    Loosing the multifunction option.
    Spending 1200 eur
    What you experts have to say about this. Reginos and Gnill, no that you had already some proper km behind the wheel, don´t you miss in any sense the buttons?

    Re: To paddle or not to paddle...need your expert opinio

    I outlined my rationale for doing the retrofit and I have no regrets at all. I miss the multifunction especially when I use the phone but I wouldn't consider it crucial enough.

    The best thing for you is to ask the dealer for a loan car to drive and make up your mind.

    BTW the cost is much less than 1200 Euro. I paid nearer to 900 Euro including 0.8 units labour.

    It's not where you're going, it's how you get there that counts

    Re: To paddle or not to paddle...need your expert opinio

    At first I did not want to do the change.... I thaught it would be a waist.

    But.... it is the best thing I have done to this car. I feel 100% happy with it , and now I use the manual mode, hardly used it before as I pressing these plastic buttons gave no pleasure.

    The paddles just connect you more to the car.... it made the whole PDK so much more pleasurable. The buttons are the equivalent of the tiptronic.


     997.2 C2S, PDK, -20mm

    Re: To paddle or not to paddle...need your expert opinio

     I have driven with the buttons, the paddles on the steering column and now the paddles attached to the steering wheel. BY far the better set up are the paddles on the steering column ala Ferrari. Paddles on the steering wheel requires you to always have your hands at 9 and 3 on the wheel. Otherwise should you want to shift you have to go looking for the paddle because your hands are not set at 9 and 3. 

    I suggest like Reginos, you test drive with the Paddles on the steering wheel. If you drive with your hands affixed at 9 and 3 on the wheel regardless of the maneuver you're making you will be fine. However, since you're use to buttons on the wheel it may not be too bad of a problem for you.



    Re: To paddle or not to paddle...need your expert opinio

    Thanks for the feedback my friends.

    Well, I was able to get to Germany, but still have to go to Lisbon. Anyway, as my flight was cancelled today and I had to stay in Munique, took the chance of being in a Hotel +/- near a Porsche Zentrum and went there to check the steering wheel. They had a Panamera with paddles on the show room. 

    The steering wheel looks better live than on photos. Liked the paddles feel, way much better than the plastic buttons but spring loading seemed just a bit to much, try to test it with one finger only, and felt it clearly that you have to use two or three fingers to aply the right amount of force, but I believe this sensation can change completly while driving, which is rather different that play with paddle on the show room Smiley

     I´m very closed to give a try to paddles.

    Just one more note, the BMW and Mercedes show room in Munique are  Smiley, I was stuned just to look at it.



    Looks great in sand beige Smiley



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