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    iTrip (FM Transmitter For iPod) Tips: How To Get CD Quality!

    I posted this in the cayenne forum because it seems that more cayenne owners are interested, and also obligated to use an FM solution to get aux-in into their cars:

    Here are some settings I use with my iTrip transmitter to get sound quality that is virtually indistinguishable (to me - I don't claim to be an audio expert) from an aux-wired solution.

    I tried these following settings on my car with the FM transmitter, and then I tried the iPod in a 2002 boxster (also with bose, with an Aux-in due to the CDR-220) and it sounded indistinguishable.

    in my opinion, this a bridge solution until porsche releases a real aux-in for the MOST-bus in 1-2 years and is this is for people who don't want to cut into their cars and install a wired FM transmitter.

    here are the settings/relevant equipment i use:

    here are the settings i use to get near CD-quality sound on my itrip.

    Relevant Equipment:

    1. 2003 Boxster S
    2. CDR-23 Radio
    3. Bose Sound System

    40Gigabyte 3rd Generation Docking iPod
    iTrip FM Transmitter for 3rd Generation iPods
    Belkin Car Charger (I find the sound quality is slightly improved using this, perhaps it gives the iTrip more power versus battery power)

    Electronic Settings:
    Keep in mind this is on a 2003 Boxster S...

    Bose Audio System Settings:

    Volume: 20-35 (Depending On Mp3 Song/Encoding)
    Bass: -5
    Treble: +3
    Balance: 0
    Fader: +4 To Back of Car
    AP: ON (automatic compensation for ambient noise -bose only)

    iPod Settings:

    Auto Equalizer: ON
    Equalizer Setting: Large Speakers
    Volume: 75%
    Shuffle: On (I find it easier and safer to just scroll through random songs using NEXT on a large playlist, rather than searching while driving (very dangerous)...)
    Backlight: Always ON (easier to see song - only turn on when using in conjunction with Belkin Car Charger)

    iTrip Settings:

    Station: 89.9 (varies depending on your locale, the closer you can get to 100 the better, as range is better around that frequency)
    LED: OFF (completely useless feature)

    I may have forgotten a few, however, these are the most relevant and thus important things to set to get what i feel is virtually idential sound quality to a directly wired (true aux-in) solution.

    Hope this helps all those people who are cursed with Porsche's MOST Bus

    Just a little something i give back to this board for helping me and providing all this useful information that led up to my finalizing my order for a VERY early 2005 TT-S Cab, i will post the ordered specs in a few days.


    Re: iTrip (FM Transmitter For iPod) Tips: How To Get CD Quality!

    Moogle, you need to stop smoking the funny cigs. iTrip and all FM transmitter type solutions sound like cr#$, so if your comparing with a aux in, with the engine running, and think the quality is even close you need to seek medical help.

    I tried 4 different types before I wired the modulator.

    Of course if your holding the iPod while standing on one leg with your arm out of the sunroof you could be right I did not try that.

    Of course with a sport car with the engine 3 inches from your right ear, nothing sounds good

    Re: iTrip (FM Transmitter For iPod) Tips: How To Get CD Quality!

    eh, all i'm saying it the iTrip ain't so bad, and its fairly sleek, goes right on top of the iPod, looks apple oem.

    i have no doubt that the wired solution sounds better, since it cuts out all potential interference/etc...

    im going to wait for an OEM solution - one that will likely never come.

    Re: iTrip (FM Transmitter For iPod) Tips: How To Get CD Quality!

    I hear ya ! But icould not do without my iPod for my books and a little bit more capacity than my CD changer



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