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    some newbie questions

    Hey Guys...

    I'm in Saudi Arabia, about to pull the trigger on a the turbos come one way pretty much, 5mth wait, at one price 101,500 US...this is what you get....

    1N3 Speed - assist power steering
    3Y3 Manual roll up sunscreen, qtr windows
    4F2 Porsche entry drive
    6A5 Fire exting.
    9ZP telephone module
    7Q7 compass display
    PA4 off road design package
    1NP wheel hub covered, color crest
    CS5 20" cayenne sport design
    9AH 4 zone air con
    1D9 trailer hitch
    Q1D sports seats/smooth leather
    PD2 electrical comfort package
    wood package/wood wheel if wanted

    ok a couple of questions:

    1. what comes in the off road package

    2. what comes in the advanced off road tech package/ is it worth getting

    3. thermally insulated glass/ is this a new option?/good for hot climates i take it ?

    4. sports tail pipes are they the same as shown in the techequipment catalogue ?

    5. the spare wheel mounted on the rear/ I noticed nobody goes for this option, do people regard it too expensive/heavy/not good looking...whats the reason for not choosing it...any owners that have this option that could give insight and pics would be appreciated....

    6. any must have options I am missing ?

    thanks in advance, going for titanium/black,


    Re: some newbie questions

    I cannot answer all your questions because I don't own a Cayenne right now but I'm sure somebody else (owner?) jumps in to fill out the gaps.

    Here we go:

    The Advanced Offroad Package is only worth getting if you're really into serious off-roading. It has special electrically "detachable" swaybars which improve off-road capabilities substantially. You don't really need that for desert runs or sand touring but if you're going to drive over some serious obstacles. If money is no issue to you, I'd get it but it is no vital option.
    Besides the "detachable" swaybars, it contains also a steel undercarriage protection plate in the area of the radiator and a adjustable and 100% lock limited slip differential on the rear axle. There is also some protection for the side fenders.

    The new thermally insulated glass is a must-have option in a desert region but you can live without it too. It is great especially if you have a Cayenne with a dark color because it absorbs the infrared light and helps to keep the interior cool.
    I drove a Mercedes E500 with a similar glass for a few days back in July when we had up to 40* C in Germany (the hottest summer of the century!) and it was interesting to touch the glass and it wasn't even warm. My black Mercedes E55 doesn't have this glass and it really gets hot inside.

    Forget about the sport tailpipes, they look awful. Yes, they are what you see in the Tequipment catalogue. Better get an aftermarket exhaust system later on with nicer tailpipes too.

    Get the "Privacy Glass" (tinted rear windows, option PJ2) because it not only looks good, it cools down the interior (very important, especially if you have kids!).
    The tire pressure control system (option 7K3) is a good option too, especially for hot climates where tire damages occur more often due to the hot asphalt and excessive tire stress.
    Also don't forget the CD changer for the Audio system (option code 7A2).

    Don't forget to post pictures after you get your car.
    Some nice desert pics would be great.

    Re: some newbie questions

    1) Off-road design package is primarily cosmetic: skid plate in front, moldings on wheel wells, running board/rocker protectors
    2)AOT is some more skid plates underneath, locking rear differential and disengageable sway bars (real off-road improvements)
    3)thermally insulated glass is good in hot climates and is recommended
    4)yes, AFAIK
    5)no one I know has it; it is said to be large and unweildly; does get you a full size spare though
    6)can't think of any

    Re: some newbie questions

    Isn't the Privacy Glass option included in the Thermally insulated Glass option?
    On my order I only specified the Thermally insulated Glass,but I really want to get the dark tinted ones.

    Re: some newbie questions

    Isn't the Privacy Glass option included in the Thermally insulated Glass option?

    A similar tinted glass is included, you're right.

    Re: some newbie questions

    The tire pressure control system (option 7K3) is a good option too, especially for hot climates where tire damages occur more often due to the hot asphalt and excessive tire stress.

    Yes, get the tire pressure monitor. I have that and really like it. If you are somewhat compulsive about tire pressure (as everyone should be) this option lets you monitor your pressure continuously. Even for those non-compulsive types it warns when the pressure is 3 or more psi low. I had a Cayenne loaner for a few days that did not have it and I almost had to check pressure manually every day, I had become so accustomed to getting the information from the monitor.



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