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    C4S Manual - Right Choice?

    Unlike you Europeans, we Americans have no opportunity to try PDK ahead of ordering for delivery this fall.

    I don't track my car but I drive it year round: daily highway commute, around town, down to Washington, into Manhattan, etc., about 13K miles a year.

    My current C2S lease ends in October, after a forced one year extension waiting for the FL, and I have had a first US shipment C2S on order for October delivery since pricing was released.

    Although I've driven my 997 C2S in all weather conditions including a few snow storms over the past four years, it did get a bit hairy on occasion and I thought a C4S would be a bit safer. My dealer agreed, but told me that his first C4S shipment was Dec/Jan, hence my C2S order, since I can't extend my current lease further.

    I had ordered PDK based on the early reviews (putting the puddle issue aside), but driving my manual C2S just puts a smile on my face, and after reading every subsequent review (including even translating the German ones into nearly incomprehensible English via Google!) and spending way too much time on this forum reading every available opinion and experience, and getting a sense that some more recent reviews less under Porsche 'management' have been more neutral on the subject, I called my dealer this morning to find out if I could possibly change my order to manual.

    'Impossible', he said after talking to his rep (and I had been warned the gearbox would be locked in within 2-3 weeks of placing my order, though any other option could be changed). He also told me factory completion would not be until Oct 28.

    So I said: 'maybe I should just wait for the C4S' and he said: 'you won't believe it but I was just allocated my first manual C4S yesterday with a factory completion of Oct 14.'

    So my C2S PDK is now a C4S Manual, and not much difference in price either. Do you think I make the right choice?

    Re: C4S Manual - Right Choice?

    However good the PDK may be, you will not go wrong with the manual. Besides, it's a lease - in 2 or 3 years you will choose again.

    Re: C4S Manual - Right Choice?

    I have been the owner of over 16 porsche's. Nick at paul miller has advised me never to order an automatic , the manual is way to much fun. imo great choice going with c4s if the paint is artic silver then order is perfect

    You made an EXCELLENT choice....:)

    I'd drive a manual car anyday over an automatic, no matter how good the PDK is reported to be. A manual transmission will always prove way more involving and fun, not to mention better control in many given driving situations. You really lucked out on your dealer allocations. To me, this is a confirming sign that you are heading in the RIGHT direction..... :0

    Re: C4S Manual - Right Choice?

    mrcohanian said:
    I have been the owner of over 16 porsche's. Nick at paul miller has advised me never to order an automatic , the manual is way to much fun. imo great choice going with c4s if the paint is artic silver then order is perfect

    Seems like we have a lot in common! My conversation today was with Nick. Same advice and I apologized that I didn't take his advice the first time around!!

    PS: Artic silver, ideed! How do you know?!

    Re: You made an EXCELLENT choice....:)

    Thanks, Dave63. I feel better already!

    For just about all of Paul Miller's customers, according them, a Porsche is a fair weather friend. For me it is a year round car and I will keep it for three years. So I really want to make sure I am making the right choice.

    I have been in love with my current car for the past 46 months. Every day I walk into my garage and feel blessed to have such a wonderful car. I don't want that to change.

    Re: You made an EXCELLENT choice....:)

    pnoble I have a sept build 09 Turbo on order. My choice was between the turbo and the c4s. didn't feel like waiting for the dec/jan build dates. IMO you can't go wrong with either. Happy to see your going with the manual.

    Re: You made an EXCELLENT choice....:)


    Very nice. Is it also stick?

    Resa showed me a memo from Porsche showing their first deliveries and it was indeed Dec/Jan for the first C4S.

    A very unexpected surprise to find they will have inventory earlier. But you made a great choice!

    Re: You made an EXCELLENT choice....:)

    I have a C4S manu. Great car, but my next will be a PDK for sure. There is no right or wrong, other than its wrong to never ever have owned a manual Carrera.

    Re: You made an EXCELLENT choice....:)

    Agreed, fredar. 'Involvement' is the word I see again and again to describe the manual experience. In photographic terms: a Leica versus a digital SLR.

    Every time I get in my car, starting with that reverse out of my garage, I just fall in love once again with the wonderful Porsche manual experience.

    I hope I don't suffer from terminal PDK envy once I start to read the flood of positive user reviews!!

    Re: You made an EXCELLENT choice....:)

    Stick is still more fun than an automatic. I still don;t get the need for awd, even here in the midwest, providing you have winter tires. And if you don;t have winter tires awd is not going to help you very much.

    Can you delete the red stripe off the back of the car on your order?

    Re: You made an EXCELLENT choice....:)


    I have driven my 997 C2S with of course winter tires for the past four unusually mild winters and survived but it got a bit hairy a few times driving through the snow on the highway and I have a long, pretty inclined drive that was more than a little hard to negotiate the few times I returned from work and it wasn't yet plowed.

    I'm impressed that you drive your 997S in the Chicago winter, though do you perhaps also have an SUV to get you through the tough days? I only have one car. We are strictly a two garage, two car family, give or take the kids!

    Re deleting the red stripe, I wish! I e-mailed the dealer the great photoshopped photo of the car without the stripe Ferdie posted yesterday evening. (See bottom of DR Review 977.2 C4 Review post.)

    Re: You made an EXCELLENT choice....:)

    I'm impressed that you drive your 997S in the Chicago winter, though do you perhaps also have an SUV to get you through the tough days?

    I sold my Audi allroad as I didn't need it. My wife still has her Mazda 3.

    Re: You made an EXCELLENT choice....:)

    You show your stripes as a driver. I've been plowing through snow in my 997S also the past few years but thought maybe I shouldn't chance fate anymore!

    Re: C4S Manual - Right Choice?

    Enjoy your car... there's nothing wrong with it. Also don't ask other people's opinion for YOUR choices, simply because people have different priorities, different driving style and they probably use the car less frequently or more often... So some things can be kind of subjective.



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