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    Birthing done,,,,pick of baby very soon

    OK,, it's happened. Sales guy just called and said car was built and I should expect it second week in November (coupe S, with most of the 'stuff'). Just in time for Minnesota snow flurries.. BUT, if I'm lucky ,I'll have one to four weeks and then into storage until March...
    * can I track the location?
    * recommendations for a car cover?
    * should I wait until March to have the 3M film put on?
    * tips on storage?
    * any requests I should ask dealer about before I pick it up. Assuming no snow/salt,,then ,it would goes directly into storage....
    Whew, this is fun... Many of you have already gone though the conception, labor, birthing, and pick up.... First for me with P car. Almost like the births of my three sons ! ?Do wifes read the forum??
    I was surprised at the insurance quote I got from State Farm....about $1000 US/year ,with multi car discounts (have BMW/Miata/Lincoln/36'Ford/Tractors). I guess when you get "older", the costs and risks are lower for the Insurance companies.
    Again, great forum...

    Re: Birthing done,,,,pick of baby very soon

    Congrats My car comes in November too! I know how you feel

    Re: Birthing done,,,,pick of baby very soon

    Me three. Mine was "birth'd" on Monday, 10/17 and might be on a boat as we talk.
    Jack49, I too was pleasantly surprised how little my insurance went up, much less than doubled with the P-car being added. Good luck with yours guys!

    Re: Birthing done,,,,pick of baby very soon

    Sounds like a November 2005 Birthday Party is in order !!!

    Re: Birthing done,,,,pick of baby very soon

    1. Car cover not needed if stored in enclosed area
    2. Best to put 3M on ASAP while paint underneath is unspoiled
    3. Maintain your battery - best way is with Porsche battery maintainer. If it dies, you won't be able to open your hood to get at the battery without a little headache. Ask your dealer to throw one in when you pick it up.
    4. Other storage tips are in the owner's manual - there's not much to it.
    5. Start your car at least once a month while stored. This is controversial, but I believe it's good so that oil can circulate and lubricate bearings and such - prevent them from drying/oxidizing.
    6. I would do the following: do not allow the dealer to detail the car; wash & clay the car when you get it; 3M; Rejex; then Carnuba
    7. Follow break-in, then change oil right before storing. Whether you do this or not, I would make sure oil is full before storage. This will also be controversial, but it's what I did and would do again.
    9. Full tank of gas. Gas stabilizer is recommended if stored > 4 months.
    10. Roll the car every 3 weeks so the tires don't sit on the same spot. This plus >50 psi should prevent flat spots.

    Re: Birthing done,,,,pick of baby very soon

    Re: Birthing done,,,,pick of baby very soon

    Here's an interesting article regarding winter storage which also discusses some of the controversial points mentioned by Silver Bullet:


    Re: Birthing done,,,,pick of baby very soon

    I should have mine this week. Its killing me.

    Re: Birthing done,,,,pick of baby very soon

    glad to someone else in the snow belt getting one of these things. I just ordered mine last week and asked the dealer to set me up for an early April delivery. My insurance cost was lower than I thought too. It is actually less per month than I paid for my MGB 25 years ago! Let us know how you fair with getting a free battery maintainer from the dealer.

    Re: Birthing done,,,,pick of baby very soon

    Silver Bullet said:
    I would do the following: do not allow the dealer to detail the car; wash & clay the car when you get it; 3M; Rejex; then Carnuba

    Just curious??? Why would you clay a new car? The cars upper surfaces were immediately covered with plastic sheeting before it left the factory and the plastic is not removed until it arrives at the dealership. What are you hoping to remove with the clay? Isn't it made to remove contaminates? What are you going to be removing from virgin paint?

    Just wondering.....


    Insted of clay

    ever think of this? Sometimes the contaminants which remain after washing are teeny tiny specks tree sap and road tar. Go over with a cloth damp with mineral spirits to remove them. AS I remember it, clay is an abrasive which is permanently removing your clear coat. I'd only use clay as a last resort. Mineral spirits used in this way are perfectly safe for our paint.

    Re: Birthing done,,,,pick up baby very soon

    thanks to all for the input. No clay is touching the finish,,at least for a long time.. Unless, a compelling reason I'm not seeing.
    If the P goes directly into storage,,I'll 3M it in the spring. If not. Will follow your advice.
    About same stuff I do with my Miata and Ford for Winter.. Also, stuff steel wool into exhaust pipes to keep critters out, I never store without new oil and gas topped off.
    My old questions on MP3 /Ipod??? They have not told me the dealer fix ,yet... I imagine their charge to fix(wire patch with adapter) what should be in a 100K car will be plenty. Any other ideas besides the FM plug into the IPod broadcast method???
    "Bose High End Sound Package"= low end in this area...
    Strange,,, I came out of my office at noon today to see a 2005 P in same colors as the one I ordered in the parking lot. The car Gods are teasing me... whew

    Re: Birthing done,,,,pick of baby very soon

    Silver bullet, I have a friend who has a collection of muscle cars and he also recommends going out to buy enough sheets of that styrofoam blue 2 inch insulation (i think they come in 2x8 sheets and put this down underneath the vehicle. This prevents moisture/humidity levels from attacking the car from underneath and is a better surface than concrete for your wheels to be sitting on. In fact his whole garage is covered with this and his cars are absolutely immaculate. This is particularly helpful if your car sits in a garage where your daily driver vehicle is. I think I may try this this winter.



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