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    Re: Electrical Problems Fixed?

    Sorry to hear that Peer.
    Man, I wonder what we'll all do when it gets close to 4 years of ownership/end of warranty?

    Re: Electrical Problems Fixed?

    BudWeiser said:
    Sorry to hear that Peer.
    Man, I wonder what we'll all do when it gets close to 4 years of ownership/end of warranty?


    Re: Electrical Problems Fixed?

    BudWeiser said:

    Man, I wonder what we'll all do when it gets close to 4 years of ownership/end of warranty?

    Thank your lucky stars it's 4 years warranty in the US and not 2 years as it is for us in the UK.

    Never could work that one out - anyone know the reason.

    Re: Electrical Problems Fixed?

    Does anyone remember the early 1970's and all the problems manufacturers had with early emmission systems. Cars running like garbage when they did. In many ways the manufacturers are at the same point, only now with the computerization of electrical systems. Will they eventually get the bugs out? Yes, but it may eventually require a technological advance or maybe the manufacturers deciding that less is more. As the saying goes "Be careful what you wish for, you may get it."

    Re: Electrical Problems Fixed?

    I remember connoisseur, those vehicles wouldn't start many times and when they did they ran horribly!
    I'm older and set in my ways BUT my next vehicles will probably all be Japanese and will be "simple", like my current Honda Element, and not try to self-diagnose themselves and constantly annoy me with bogus error messages. Many improvements need to be made to make these high tech cars enjoyable again. For instance, if a loose gas cap causes a computer generated "Check Engine" message to appear; after tighening the gas cap, turning the car off and back on should allow the computer to re-set/re-boot itself and clear the error message. Now you have to schlep it to the dealer and pay to have the message cleared. That's just idiotic. Reminds me of a quote from Dijkstra (a Dutch computer scientist), "Asking whether a computer can think is like asking if a submarine can swim".

    Re: Electrical Problems Fixed?

    Don -
    Sounds like things are progressing nicely,'s a nice offer to come to your house to replace the unit - that's good service.

    Re: Electrical Problems Fixed?

    Hi Dave,
    It sure is a nice gesture which is why I made sure I mentioned it here.


    Re: Electrical Problems Fixed?

    not to hijack the tread, but I took my car home (they left the PCM in but disconnected from the CD changer and nav unit while one is on order (stated 7-10d for a new module), they did not disconnect power and the next day I found myself jumping the battery in the middle of the driveway. It was not a happy discussion with the dealer and they now report a new one is being "overnighted". Good news is that the battery held charge today.

    Re: Electrical Problems Fixed?

    Peer said:
    the next day I found myself jumping the battery in the middle of the driveway.

    MF! PCM is a PITA. Mine broke, would not eject the CD, and kept killing my battery the whole time (about a week) when the CD was stuck in there. Didn't matter if the car was parked with keys out of ignition!



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