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    Visiting Nurburgring. Need Help!

    I will be in Germany from 8/4-8/8 accompying my wife while she is working and I wanted to definitely check out the Nuburgring. Can anyone recommend a good schedule or things I must check out? Is it likely the Ring Taxi is booked? Also, I wanted to inquire about renting sports cars over there, not to drive on the Ring, but to enjoy during the day while my wife is working. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated?



    Re: Visiting Nurburgring. Need Help!

    Hi Chris

    Regarding the Ring-Taxi you may check availability over here:

    Further Ring-Info:

    As for renting a P-car I guess Avis should be a good choice:

    Other sports car rental services:
    (you can search for P-car availability via Zip-code)

    I have no personal experience with these rental companies - you may just have a look at their websites to get a first impression which car types are offered at which rates.

    The region around the Ring ("Eifel") offers a beautiful hilly landscape with lots of nice and twisty roads - ideal turf for a spin with a P-car
    Though I would avoid the Ring at weekends (too crowded with wannabe racers).

    As you have mentioned already you should not drive a rental car on the ring (rent conditions do not allow this).

    Where do you stay in Germany - is it close to the Ring/the Eifel

    BTW: nice deal with your wife with her working/earning money while you are enjoying P-car/Autobahn/Ring

    Re: Visiting Nurburgring. Need Help!

    I second Porsche-Jeck. Ring Taxi availability is a hard one to secure. Last two times I did it it took me about 4 months in advance to get the reservations.

    As for the Eifel region, it's a great place to tour and drive. Mosel valley Wine region is great for a drive and many nice castle towns with good eats.

    Rental car. Avis.

    'Ring weekends usually are the days that people get hurt or die because of the large UK fanbase that makes the weekend journey and goes balls to the wall all out! Them UK folks are die hards. Advise midweek late afternoon or early morning.
    I live in the Eifel region...about 40 mins from the 'Ring. If you get a fun car should contact me and we could go out for a spin.

    Re: Visiting Nurburgring. Need Help!

    You may want to check out the new TechArt rent-a-dream program

    TechArt + Nurburgring = hmmmmm

    Re: Visiting Nurburgring. Need Help!


    Thanks so much for the information. Unfortunately my trip was cancelled!!! However, I'm going to plan one and book the ring taxi and rent a nice p-car to enjoy the country side. There is no place in the world like the countryside of Germany in terms of scenery and driving. Its amazing. Unfortunately I live in Miami where there is no grade change and only 90 degree turns.




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