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    Carrera GT Question?

    I have heard that starting model year 2005, Carrera GT has been refitted with improved clutch mechanism for easier 1st gear start. Is there any easy way to tell whether a model has been fitted with the new system based on the series number or the VIN number?

    In addition, was there a diffrent seat size or steering wheel offered?

    I am in the market for one and really appreciate the feedback as to what one should be careful or look out for.

    Thank you.

    Re: Carrera GT Question?

    Jean said:
    I have heard that starting model year 2005, Carrera GT has been refitted with improved clutch mechanism for easier 1st gear start. Is there any easy way to tell whether a model has been fitted with the new system based on the series number or the VIN number?

    In addition, was there a different seat size or steering wheel offered?

    1) I'm going to go out on a limb and claim that very, very few to no Carrera GTs were ever delivered with undesirable clutches. My theory is that CGT drivers all have to adapt to the extremely low rotary inertia of the CGT engine/flywheel characteristics in their driving technique.

    I was used to racing clutches and, non-the-less, had fear and trepidation when I first took delivery of my car because of what I had read in the press and on the internet about the "clutch". I took me about 50 miles of driving to completely adapt so that driving the car on hills in traffic became second nature and no problem of any kind. It's not the clutch, per se, that causes the learning curve. It's the complete lack of the engine/flywheel oomph to carry any energy over when releasing the clutch.

    Is it possible to stall a CGT? Of course! But it's not the "clutch". It's the driver's coordination of appropriate throttle input during the release of the clutch that does it. Stop worrying about the clutch

    2) There are two seat widths. Normal and XT (extra thick?). The normal seats are great if you're not my size. I'm 6"4" and weigh about 215#. I wear a US size 45-long jacket. The "normal" seats are too narrow for me. The "XT" seats are about 3/4" wider and make all the difference for me.

    3) There was an option for a thicker steering wheel, which I have fitted to my car. I often wonder how skinny the normal wheel is for the Carrera GT since the rim thickness on my car seems about the same as a normal 997 wheel. The thicker wheel on my CGT is no where near as thick as the thicker-wheel option installed on my 2004 996 TT Cab.

    Re: Carrera GT Question?

    hi Jean, in fact P had to rework the pccc mainly due to the problems with abrasive carbon fibre particles destroying the sealings of the clutch.
    before u buy one u should definitly get into contact with PAG through ur dealer if the car has undergone this model upgrading as clutch replacement is a major thing in the GT!

    there's been an option for an seat shell XT which is 15mm wider at the hips.
    u may also retrofit a seat holder kit raising the seat for 10mm, asfaik no different steering whell but of course it's possible to get something else from tuner or motorsport dep.

    hope that helps a bit 4 now,


    Re: Carrera GT Question?

    ok, mike was faster

    Re: Carrera GT Question?

    Thank you, Mike and Stefan.
    There is a very low mileage CGT I found however it has XT seat, which I believe is not for me.

    I prefer thicker steering wheel. After moving to M5 from 996TT, I got accustomed to the thicker wheel and the beefier feel is much nicer.

    I also remember there was a video of CGT on autobahn that had suede steering wheel ala GT3RS. I guess the owner ordered it directly from Motorsport dept. Does this car belong to a member here?

    Re: Carrera GT Question?

    u should swap the seats anyway as they are imho in NO WAY comparable to e.g. 996 GT3/GT2 seats, they're still the very best!
    CGT seats ur thighs will always "slide" around, especially when car's driven hard on track and on the long term this is VERY annoying!

    the guy who completely stripped his GT for racing is using a Sparco one so retrofitting a suitable steering wheel for ur needs shouldn't be a problem!

    Re: Carrera GT Question?

    I recently bought a US 2005 car (no 1xxx). When I first got the car it was very difficult (not impossible) to drive. Then I have a german technician replace the ECU software to Euro4 model and with a few minor to the software. The car is much better on first gear. Or is it me getting use to it. But my understanding is that all clutch are the same for MY2004-2005.

    Don't worry about it too much. It take a couple of trip in the city to get use to it.

    Re: Carrera GT Question?

    witto said:Or is it me getting use to it?

    It's you getting used to it

    I was used to racing engines with very light flywheels and grabby clutches. It took me no more than 100 miles to completely master it.



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