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    Re: Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger owns a 911?

    remember, there are plenty of people, americans, in the USA, that hate bush.

    Re: Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger owns a 911?

    Moogle said:
    remember, there are plenty of people, americans, in the USA, that hate bush.

    True enough.

    Socialists and Wahabis permeate the Earth.

    Re: Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger owns a 911?

    W8MM said:
    DrPhil said:(including the retarded president)

    From which Wahabi mosque are you posting?

    I'm posting from a Scandinavia.
    Of course we're just a measely area of the world, and we dont have our heads so far up our asses that we elect a turnip-munchin, "im incompetent like hell, but my dad is well-connected", "fool me once..erm..fool me twice..erm..."-president.

    Maybe I should try living in a trailerpark..or maybe we should get some more executions here...or maybe just declaring war on nations with "weapons of mass destruction"...nudge-nudge...will help me see things from your perspective?

    Sorry, but the US government has completely lost it.
    Going from being smug to being completely braindead, not learning anything from Vietnam, re-"electing" (to hell with the public vote-we just hack the voting computer) a goofball like Bush...says it all.

    I used to love the US, the country and the people.
    Now I feel like a lot of Europeans:
    "You havent learned a thing from the past."
    Youre still so full of yourselves (the government primarily) it clouds your judgement.
    That would be fine by me...if you didnt always start your wars in every other place in the World than the US.

    Bush is a major mistake...but its a mistake you americans chose.
    Hopefully he wont f.uck up the world for the rest of us - but just keep destroying your own economy like he has been the past 4 years.

    Re: Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger owns a 911?

    If you want to see your beloved president in action check this out:

    This man has NO clue.
    Good thing you picked him for prez.

    Re: Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger owns a 911?

    By the way W8MM, are you by any chance still a member of The KKK?


    I strongly suggest you close this thread, thank you.
    Take it easy, no need to be rude, we are amongst adults here (or are we not?) and this forum is about cars.
    I know you did not start this thread but please no need to be so rude in your arguments.
    If you decide to carry on however, it will be my pleasure to recommend your eviction from this forum,
    Thank you for your understanding.

    Admin comment: We all have different opinions, there is no problem with that. But the freedom of expressing an opinion ends where insult starts.
    And my warning shot aims especially towards DrPhil.
    Yes, this forum is about cars and sometimes we allow some threads to develop in other directions to allow people to feel like being part of a community. But we don't allow personal insults. Period.



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