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    Is Valentine adequate protection in Germany?

    or do police use different systems from the U.S.?

    Re: Is Valentine adequate protection in Germany?

    yes, but you'll need the european version.

    Re: Is Valentine adequate protection in Germany?

    :-(, thanks

    Re: Is Valentine adequate protection in Germany?

    or do police use different systems from the U.S.?

    Yes and no. The Valentine One has even in Europe a very good reputation, unfortunately devices to detect speed traps (no matter if radar, laser or whatever...) are illegal in most European countries. German police uses pretty often video traps or light sensor systems, so there isn't really a countermeasure available.
    Also, if german police catches you with such a device, they confiscate it at the spot and you'll never see it again.
    In some other european countries, police can not only confiscate the device but the whole car, not to mention the possible fines including even prison.

    European radar speed traps usually work on different frequencies than in the US. This makes it pretty difficult to have a radar detector which works in every European country.

    We have only one advantage in Germany (and Europe): police cars do NOT have integrated speed traps and we don't have speed traps on moving police cars. I had a shock over 17 years ago when I got caught in Florida speeding at 96 mph instead of 65 mph (or was it even 55 by then?). The highway patrol car drove in the opposite direction and I never could imagine that there is a system to catch me like this.
    Imagine my surprise when I saw this guy turning around and coming behind me at full speed.

    The biggest threat on german Autobahns is actually not a speed limit but distance measurement. Police has special video cameras mounted next to bridges or similar things to measure the distance between two cars. If the car behind doesn't keep the "legal" distance (usually half of the speed in meters), police can even suspend the driver's license. I hate these systems because when I drive at 200 kph, it is impossible to keep 100 meters distance to the front car because this car would never let me pass because the driver thinks I'm too far away. It is a vicious circle.

    Re: Is Valentine adequate protection in Germany?

    They have speed cameras in moving cars in France.
    They are station wagon type of cars, most often white, but no police marking on them.
    Becoming increasingly difficult to drive fast these days.
    Motorway is the worst.
    You can still find some nice country roads though but be careful.

    Re: Is Valentine adequate protection in Germany?

    What about the beltronic 9500 Euro version? You can even choose the country you are in, in order for the radar to choose the bands used in this same country. Anybody running one of these??




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