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    A visit to the AM dealer


    Re: A visit to the AM dealer


    Re: A visit to the AM dealer


    Re: A visit to the AM dealer


    Re: A visit to the AM dealer


    Re: A visit to the AM dealer

    aston martin of new england! I drive past it daily to work!

    Re: A visit to the AM dealer

    I can almost see our Aston Martin dealer from my apartment! No wonder I am buying one...

    Re: A visit to the AM dealer

    Fabulous pics - thanks for sharing!

    Re: A visit to the AM dealer

    GREAT pics !!!

    I would love to own a 550 spyder for the weekends

    thanks for the pics, blue amv8 looks very nice

    Re: A visit to the AM dealer

    easy_rider911 said:
    Fabulous pics - thanks for sharing!

    Simply fabulous cars, all of them!

    Re: A visit to the AM dealer

    glad you all enjoyed them

    bostonmini - you are correct

    Way - I think you will enjoy it, a guy showed up for an appointment and took the DB9 coupe out for a testdrive. It was fun seeing it start up indoors.

    Alex - the 550 spyder is a nice touch and there was a mint 356 behind the yellow V8 in pic #1. There was also an etype jag and a showroom condition lambo miura in the showroom.

    The color in photo's doesn't always represent reality. The monte carlo blue V8 was like a crayola crayon blue with a nice cream interior. The yellow V8 was much nice in person than previous pics I had seen. Black interior with yellow stitching.

    I sat in the Vanquish S, it was titanium with an incredible amount of metallic flake in it. It had a burgundy interior. That is the same color combo as my 928. It was not as low as my 928 nor as wide inside. I liked the analog guages. It had paddle shifters. The leather smell in the astons was better than any other i have come across.

    The wood grain in the DB9 was amazing shown in pic #1. The service area had 2 Vanquish's, 2 Mercedes gull wings, along with some other rare stuff. My camera only can take certain number of pics.

    I came away with the reinforced believe that the Vanquish is the 12 cylinder to get, and an improved view of the AM V8. It is a very impressive car in the right color. They are all works of art.

    And I smiled when I got home and started my 928. Just as exotic looking, sounding, built(probably better) and road proven thru its first 22 years of existence and still in showroom like condition.

    Re: A visit to the AM dealer

    I love Aston Martin of New England! I check the inventory almost daily! I'll be about 20 minutes away next year at college too.

    Did you by chance stop there when they had the Spyker in the showroom? Oh man, that is an amazing machine!

    Re: A visit to the AM dealer

    I actually like the AMV8 in Yellow, looks awesome

    Re: A visit to the AM dealer

    Was the 550 Spyder for sale? The last time I saw one for sale in Virginia they wanted almost $500k

    Re: A visit to the AM dealer

    SimpleSkin said:
    Was the 550 Spyder for sale? The last time I saw one for sale in Virginia they wanted almost $500k

    Don't know, I didn't look that close at it. I only saw prices on the V8's 127 K (what do non-US buyers think of that especially given the ridiculous pricing of the dollar) and I know the 356 had a price tag. Give them a call at 781-547-5959. I would think they would like to talk to someone, kinda like the maytag repairman.

    Re: A visit to the AM dealer

    Great pics racerx, thanx for posting The AMs are really elegant sportscars.

    @ SimpleSkin: not only new Porsches but also the old ones seem to be so much cheaper in the US: in Germany a 550 Spyder in good condition would be traded at 800k Euros

    Re: A visit to the AM dealer

    Ohhh man, that's awesome... those astons look the part, but PLEASE go back and take some more pics of that 550 spider! PLEASE!!!



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