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    GT3 (2000) alignment spec?

    The inside treads on my GT3's front tires are wearing really heavily. I'm not sure if it's normal due to negative camber on this car, or if maybe the toe is incorrect. The rears are wearing inside as well (not as bad as the front), I assume due to negative camber. Does anyone know the alignment specs for the car? What figures would give decent wear without compromising handling much?

    Currently all four of my tires are heavily worn on the inner treads (about 70% R, 80% F) and look almost new on the outer treads. That can't be right?

    TIA for any input.

    Re: GT3 (2000) alignment spec?

    Here are the specs, the are the same for the street car or the club sport:

    Toe: +5' +-5'
    Camber: -1 degree +-10', max difference left to right 10'
    Caster: 8 degrees +-30' max difference 40'

    Toe: +10' +5'
    Camber: -1.5 degrees +- 10', max difference left to right 10'

    Hope this helps.


    Thanks ksalno.

    I wonder if -1 degree is enough to cause the wear I'm seeing on my fronts? I'll get it checked out.

    Re: GT3 (2000) alignment spec?

    Warren, I have had similar problems, more noticeably with the rears. I have reduced the negative camber. It is currently just outside the minimum specs. I left front toe in unchanged to keep directional stability in order and marginally reduced rear toe in (but still within specs). I have spoken with another owner who almost eliminated the neg camber in an effort to obtain even wear. He significantly improved wear, but felt the handling characteristics had been adversely affected and returned the car to its former settings. My less aggessive experiments do not appear to have caused any problems. Every GT3 owner I have spoken to seems to share your experience to a greater or lesser extent. My fronts are pretty good, but the rears are not. I dont know what tyre prices are like around your part of the world, but I'm paying $US520 for Michelin rears. Fortunately the GT3 is so rewarding that this misdemeanour is OK.


    Re: GT3 (2000) alignment spec?

    Tim, thanks for the info. I'll get my alignment checked as it seems that my fronts are wearing worse than the rears. But anyway, I certainly agree that the GT3 is such an awesome car that it's well worth the tire expense. Prices are similar here I think - about US$500 per tire (P-Zero).

    Re: GT3 (2000) alignment spec?

    I have -1.5 in the front and -2.5 in the rear and still manage an even tire wear. You guys have to start driving you cars! If you are going to do mostly street driving, consider a less agressive alignment.

    Re: GT3 (2000) alignment spec?

    Ed, those are some pretty aggressive camber settings. How many miles do you get front and rear? What are the differences between X74 and GT3 suspensions?

    I use the GT3 as my daily driver, plus an occasional track day.

    Re: GT3 (2000) alignment spec?

    I have 1800 miles on my car in 6 months (albeit thru the winter) alot of my mile will be track miles. My street tires will likely last the life of the car as they are never used. The track tires wear evenly as they are driven quite hard. The X74 is a fixed shock and spring combo -30mm from ROW height and alot stiffer. It is combined with the standard 030 sway bars. I upgraded to the GT3 bars although some people will argue that is a waste. The old GT3 had coil overs and typcially sat 10mm lower than the X74. I have not seen specs on the new GT3 but looking at the pictures it may actually be a fixed spring and shock and not coilovers. Anyone have details? The X74 is a HUGE improvement in handling over the standard 030 suspension.

    Re: GT3 (2000) alignment spec?

    New GT3 does have height adjustable coil-overs at all corners. It also has provisions to make fast changes to the toe-in and camber.

    Re: GT3 (2000) alignment spec?

    That makes me much happier (event though I am not getting one) that they would keep it pure and keep an adjustable suspension.



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