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    This morning, in my garage...

    ...i tried out the camera function of my cellular phone...

    i know it's bad quality, but i just had to share it -- i love my car so much!

    Re: This morning, in my garage...

    Hello zzboba!!!!!!...I have to say that your rs is excellent, its a 10/10 car, in other words its my favourite car, no challenge stradale, no enzo, no carreta gt, simply the 996gt3rs in red or blue combo with white!!!!.

    If you want we can change my (fathers) 997S for your rs!!!, what do you say???.

    BTW:Could you put some more pics????, do you have any videos of it(ignition etc etc)


    Re: This morning, in my garage...

    ow zz... I just LOVE your car! It is so fraking beautiful! I have the autoart 1/18 RS, and I still look at it evryday, and when I look at it I love it! COuld you please post some w/p sized pics of your car if you have them?

    Re: This morning, in my garage...

    thank you guys -- good hearing that you like it!

    regarding more photos: strange to say but i don't have a lot of pictures of my RS -- but i resolve to take some this spring for sure!

    Re: This morning, in my garage...

    Hi again!!.

    Zzboba I was asking myself, if you could post a review of the beast???. Posting the good points and the bad points (if there are any )...
    How many days a week do you use your rs???only on weekends (I imagine )..What's the fuel consumption per 100kms??, did you had some problems with the rear, in terms of "touching the floor"or similar when entering parkings etc????..How is the engine sound when cruising???, and what about taking it to its limits???, Its the sound deeper than a 997S???, I imagine......

    I will like to see an rs at the streets when driving my father's 997S or Cayenne Turbo, both in parrallel at the motorway, wow that will be very exciting!!!! , just seeing the car from different angles...Would a 997S keep up with an rs in a straight motorway???

    Looking to your pic, I think you have the """basic""'" brakes no???, I suppose even better than the 997S???

    Re: This morning, in my garage...

    That is a very fine auto...

    Re: This morning, in my garage...

    zzboba, that "car" makes ANY photo look good!
    were is the graemling for "drooling"?

    Re: This morning, in my garage...

    Alex,what are they asking for the RS in the showroom?

    Re: This morning, in my garage...

    zzboba...your car is so damn cool

    Re: This morning, in my garage...

    wow, this car is fantastic I can only agree with some of you guys when saying that this is the real thing...

    Re: This morning, in my garage...

    Hi ZZ

    Nice car....Heres a pic of mine at Le Man this year.

    Re: This morning, in my garage...

    And a friend and I at 160MPH down the straight at Dijon

    Re: This morning, in my garage...

    My goodness! everytime i see a picture of a GT3 RS i drool, the car is just so sexy, and you 2 are just so damn lucky to own on of the greatest cars in the world!!!!!!! And i would also appricate some more pictures of your beasts!



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