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    Porsche recalls 18'000 Carrera 993 Cab !

    According to the press, Porsche is recalling 18'000 993 Cab because of a possible failure of the soft-top. I guess the official announcement is going to be posted soon, but in the meantime, here's the german version of what got published in Switzerland a few minutes ago.



    Porsche ruft 18 000 Carrera 911 zurück wegen Verdeck-Schäden

    Der Sportwagenhersteller Porsche hat weltweit mehr als 18 000 Fahrzeuge in die Werkstätten zurückgerufen. Bei höherer Geschwindigkeit könnte sich unbeabsichtigt das Stoffverdeck beim Carrera 911 Cabriolet öffnen.

    [sda] - Es handelt sich um die Baureihe 993, die im Zeitraum vom 11. August 1993 bis 26. Januar 1998 produziert wurde, wie das Unternehmen mitteilte.

    In der Schweiz wurden laut Porsche rund 360 Fahrzeuge zurückgerufen. Durch die Fehlfunktion des Verdecks seien bisher weder Unfälle noch Personenschäden bekannt geworden.

    Ein Porsche-Sprecher sagte, der Rückruf werde das Unternehmen voraussichtlich "einen einstelligen Millionenbetrag" kosten. Für solche Rückrufe gebe es Rückstellungen.

    Der Rückruf von Fahrzeugen in die Werkstätten sei bei Porsche im Vergleich mit anderen Herstellern eher selten. Zuletzt habe Porsche im März dieses Jahres Fahrzeuge in die Werkstätten einbestellt.

    Re: Porsche recalls 18'000 Carrera 993 Cab !

    ok, here we go:


    Previous version of the 911 Carrera

    Porsche checking Cabriolet roof

    Stuttgart. Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Stuttgart, is checking the roof mechanism worldwide on 18,165 units of the 993-series 911 Cabriolet built in the period from 11 August 1993 - 26 January 1998. This involves 8,252 cars in Europe (6,003 in Germany) and 8,952 cars in the USA. The reason for this inspection is the possibility of the soft top opening inadvertently at high speeds. No accidents or cases of bodily injury attributable to this malfunction have been reported so far.

    On a car involving this complaint, Porsche initially assumed that the problem was due to faulty maintenance, since no damage of this kind had been observed before in Porsche's ongoing supervision of products and quality. When two further cases became known in Germany, however, a crack was found in the drive gear of the roof locking motor. Porsche then decided to check all models of this type for reasons of safety, not only inspecting the alignment of the roof and the correct position of the roof attachment pins, but also replacing the two roof locking motors serving to firmly fasten the soft top above the windscreen frame. The new electric motors feature a stronger, reinforced drive gear locking the roof in position, and new sensors provide a safe and reliable warning signal in the instrument cluster whenever the roof is not properly closed when setting out.

    Re: Porsche recalls 18'000 Carrera 993 Cab !

    isn't it kinda late?

    Re: Porsche recalls 18'000 Carrera 993 Cab !

    Better late than never! Porsche at least admits that something's wrong, and is fixing it. Which doesn't seem to be obvious these days... Some will mention RMS, Cayenne throttle hesitation, etc. (I have no first-hand experience on these issues, so I can't speak.)


    Re: Porsche recalls 18'000 Carrera 993 Cab !

    My hat is off to PAG! Good job! Now, PAG should consider the M96 RMS and extend the engine warranty to cover that.

    Re: Porsche recalls 18'000 Carrera 993 Cab !

    Thanks pierre we had it already in the NEWS section .

    Re: Porsche recalls 18'000 Carrera 993 Cab !

    the news section had it 10 hours later!

    Re: Porsche recalls 18'000 Carrera 993 Cab !

    Exactly 10 hours.

    Re: Porsche recalls 18'000 Carrera 993 Cab !

    In the US , any NHSTA safety mandated recall ( as opposed to a technical service bulletin -TSB ) must be done at manufacturers expense no matter how many years out of production a car is. Is it the same elsewhere ? TSB work is at customer expense if car is out of warranty.

    Re: Porsche recalls 18'000 Carrera 993 Cab !

    Found this:

    December 30, 2004; Page D7

    STUTTGART, Germany -- Luxury-car maker Porsche AG yesterday said it has recalled 18,165 of its 911 convertible models that were produced between Aug. 11, 1993, and Jan. 26, 1998, to check the roof-top mechanism.

    Porsche said some roofs may open unexpectedly when the car is driven at high speeds, but the auto maker added that no accidents have been caused by the malfunction.

    As part of the recall, Porsche said it would check the correct fitting of the roof tops and replace the original closing motor with a more powerful one.

    The recall includes 8,252 convertible 911s in Europe and 8,952 cars in the U.S., the company said.

    A company spokesman said the latest 911 model range, launched in 2004, isn't affected by the recall.

    Write to Dow Jones Newswires editors at

    Re: Porsche recalls 18'000 Carrera 993 Cab !


    any more pictures or videos of your turbo? will love to see them

    Re: Porsche recalls 18'000 Carrera 993 Cab !

    lol... Asking Pierre for some pics of his car is like asking a drop of water in the desert to become a river... It will be a river, and you'll enjoy every drop of it!
    Go Pierre... please don't disappoint the thirsty souls!

    Re: Porsche recalls 18'000 Carrera 993 Cab !

    Its interesting on the numbers for the 993 cab that 82% of the buyers were from the US and Germany. Very few buyers anywhere else.

    Re: Porsche recalls 18'000 Carrera 993 Cab !

    CarreraGtRacer, Joost, sorry to disappoint you, but I have no real new cool pics of my baby. I'm still awaiting real snow to have some fun and shot some cool (cold!) pics and vids. And the highly expected 200'000 km picture will probably be shown in a few weeks too!




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