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    Psycho Passenger Window

    Psycho Passenger Window

    So I took the car out for a nice cruise on Saturday. Got home, pulled in the garage. Windows were down, so I put them up. Turned off the car and took the key out of the ignition. Opened the driver side door to get out and then the passenger side window went psycho! Up/down/up/down/up/down (the slight up/down motion that occurs when the door is opened or closed), it just kept on cycling up/down as if the car thought the door was continually bening opened and closed So I put the key back in the ignition, turn it to the accessory position and pressed the window button... problem stopped I haven't been able to repeat it since, and furthermore, this is the first time I have seen this problem in almost a year of ownership. Sounds like a software glitch to me. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Since the car is about a year old, anyone know if this glitch may be fixed by one of the more recent ECU versions available? Lucky I noticed this happen or it may have drained the battery.

    Thanks for your time...

    Re: Psycho Passenger Window

    Might be a bit of stickyness on the channel of weatherstrip?

    Just enough for the thing to automatically go down because it thinks it hit something?

    Mine refused to go up, would get half way there an would go down. Kept doing that about five times before it went all the way up.

    Mine was probably sticky, your's sounds more software related like you say.

    Re: Psycho Passenger Window

    I have had issues with my windows too. On probably 4 different occassions i have returned to my car to find both front and passenger windows open a quarter of the way down.

    The other issue i have is that when i open either window it leaves a long vertical mark down the length of the window, this is quite annoying especiallly after you have just had the car washed and cleaned.

    Re: Psycho Passenger Window

    adam456 said:

    The other issue i have is that when i open either window it leaves a long vertical mark down the length of the window, this is quite annoying especiallly after you have just had the car washed and cleaned.

    Put window down

    cover a wide putty knife by folding microfiber cloth over it

    jamb between glass and weatherstrip

    move back and forth horizontally

    reposition MF cloth

    repeat until weatherstrip is clean

    Re: Psycho Passenger Window

    MMD I will try this tommorrow. Thanks for the tip.



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