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    I've seen the new boxster on german autobahn A45 ...

    ...just a few minutes ago. It was uncamouflaged and black with black wheels. The porsche test driver greets me very friendly... and i let the car passed my own several times.
    All i can say is that the new front is a big step forward... the frontlights are great and the car looks a bit like the new front of the 997 carrera because it's also more rounded and muscular than the old model. The engine sounds sharp and the back... wow!
    The whole car is more athletic and looks more muscular than the old model. Great little porsche!

    Re: I've seen the new boxster on german autobahn A45 ...

    Congrats Farina! Cool that the driver greeted you... now the wait is for the coupe!

    Re: I've seen the new boxster on german autobahn A45 ...

    the test drivers were probably all briefed about how to treat the public after that incident where the testers apparently tried to grab the camera of a journalist/fan

    (there are some pics floating around of the testers being genally rude to some picture seekers)

    that said, seeing as how it was completely uncamoflauged, and even camoflauged, it is not unheard of as a marketing method for manufactuers to deliberately leak or allow their cars to have pictures taken during development in order to generate word of mouth marketing hype.

    otherwise, we'd see no spy shots, as they would be tested in underground bunkers

    Re: I've seen the new boxster on german autobahn A45 ...

    I don't quite understand how the Boxster front could look similar to the 997 front because it is a difference like day and night now but anyway, it must have been a great experience to see this car live.

    To Moogle: test drivers can get into serious trouble if pictures of a camouflaged car appear too early in the press. But of course this is no excuse to be rude, especially since it would be ILLEGAL to attack a fan/photographer who wants to take a picture of the car on a public street. Things of course look different if the pictures are to be taken on Porsche factory ground (highly prohibited to take pictures) or on a rented track.

    A few days ago I met a black camouflaged new BMW 3-series limousine in my town at a red light. Only the rear lights, parts of the front lights and some other minor parts of the car were camouflaged with black tape. It was pretty easy to see that it was the new 3-series.
    I had my camera next to me in my 997 and tried to take a picture. The guy driving this car saw it (I put the camera out of the window) and, hold your breath, he accelerated (still a red light!) and put himself in front of me, blocking the pedestrian walk. No kidding.
    I wanted to get out of the car and ask him why he's such an a..h.le but it got green and he drove away. I drove behind him for a minute or two but had to go somewhere else because I had some work to do. If I would have had some free time, I'm sure I would have followed him ALL THE TIME, just to annoy him. If they don't want to be photographed or seen, they should drive at night.

    Re: I've seen the new boxster on german autobahn A45 ...


    surely you would admit that some manufactuers deliberately drive (camoflauged) pre-production cars around for the deliberate purpose of getting some pictures taken by fans and thusly posted on the net to create hype. i mean many of these 'spy' pics are taken in stop and go traffic or at heavily travelled intersections... (really makes one wonder...)

    i mean if they REALLY didn't want the public to know they were testing cars, i'm sure there are places that are completely barren with proper test roads that they can really test on without people photographing... like scottland heheheheheh...

    Re: I've seen the new boxster on german autobahn A45 ...

    RC said:
    ... If they don't want to be photographed or seen, they should drive at night.

    Thats exactly what the US military does with its super secret projects. Only at night do they fly.



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