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    3 spoke sport steering wheel

    Whats the difference between the leather one and the normal one. Also in options there is thicjkers leather 3 spoke steering wheel. when i was ordering my car this morning my dealer told me after i choose the leather sport steering wheel that I should go all the way and order the thicker leather version of it, since according to him there is no big difference between normal sport steering wheel and leather one ($600) option but the leather thicker steering hweel ($1200) is really something to go for. Any pics will be appreciated :-).

    Re: 3 spoke sport steering wheel

    go for Alcantara steering wheel ,feel and grip so much better

    Re: 3 spoke sport steering wheel

    steering wheel

    Re: 3 spoke sport steering wheel

    Ok, here are the choices that are available:

    * Triangular steering wheels:
    - Standard steering wheel in leather (standard and only available on C2/C4/T4)
    - 459 Steering wheel with smooth leather rim
    - CPA Thicker steering wheel (base models only)
    - 459+CPA Thicker steering wheel with rim in smooth leather
    - CLA Steering wheel with Alcantara rim (base models only)
    - 459+CLA Steering wheel with Alcantara rim (S/TT only)

    * Multifunction steering wheels (same as 459, with PCM buttons)
    - 431 Multifunction steering wheel
    - 451 MF steering wheel with Makassar dark wood inserts
    - 452 MF steering wheel with Sycamore light wood inserts
    - 453 MF steering wheel with carbon fiber inserts
    - XPV MF steering wheel with Alu Design inserts
    - 431+CPA Thicker MF steering wheel
    - 431+CLA MF steering wheel with Alcantara rim

    * Sport steering wheels ("round" center):
    - 435 Sport steering wheel in leather (standard on S)
    - 459 Sport steering wheel with smooth leather rim (standard on TT)
    - XPA Thicker sport steering wheel (with smooth leather rim)
    - CLA Sport steering wheel with Alcantara rim (S/TT only)
    - 435+CLA Sport steering wheel with Alcantara rim (base models only)

    The Alcantara wheels are as thick the XPA wheel and have got thumb rests (even the triangular/MF ones).
    The CPA (thicker triangular/MF wheel) wheels haven't got thumb rests, which the other thicker wheels have.

    Re: 3 spoke sport steering wheel

    Wow - Groom, I'm seriously impressed. Your knowledge of the Exclusive options list is incredible....perhaps better even than the Porsche Exclusive customer commitment people I once phoned in Stuttgart!!

    Re: 3 spoke sport steering wheel

    I concur with easy_rider911.

    I'm wondering if its possible to get the yellow stripe as an option on non RS cars? Any ideas? I'm not too crazy about taking a piece of tape and putting it on.

    Re: 3 spoke sport steering wheel

    As you already know, I've put a little time into researching them for my own car.
    Ok I cheated, I had to check a few tricky combinations on the Car Configurator first!

    As for the yellow stripe, I'm afraid it's not officially available. You've got to ask Exclusive directly. While they usually are more than willing to go the extra mile for an extra grand, they might refuse your request on grounds of preserving the exclusivity of the GT3 RS.

    Re: 3 spoke sport steering wheel

    you can order the gt3 steering wheel with yellow stripe

    Re: 3 spoke sport steering wheel

    stewart said:
    you can order the gt3 steering wheel with yellow stripe

    Where did you found this info?

    Do you have the option code?

    Re: 3 spoke sport steering wheel

    no option code, but you order it through your dealer as an after market purchase,then retro fitted by said dealer, this seems to be the only way around porsche's myopia, as i have managed to get a silver and black GT3 RS that porsche said i can't have, and i ordered an extra stering wheelfor a friend who has put it on his 997 CS



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