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    GT3 Driving experience - Hockenheimring

    I had the chance to attend the Pistenclub Trackday at the Hockenheimring last Saturday.
    The day started with pouring rain but soon the sky cleared up and by 10.30h, the track was dry.

    I had the chance to drive a brandnew 997GT3 (for the first time ever). This machine is a blast and - compared to my 997C2S - from a different planet. I wouldn't have thought that the difference is that big. It starts with the bucket seat and the harness, which strap you so tight into the car. You feel like your one with the car. And not having to hold up your body against rotational forces is invaluable. I have the adaptive sport seats in my C2S and thought they were not bad (which they aren't really), but being tied into the bucket makes a huge difference. Then there's the sound. That car sounds so sweet and when the flaps open at 4000rpm, you get goose bumps. Once on the track, you immediately feel comfortable. It gives you so much confidence. I was worried first as the car has no PSM to safe your ass (with just maybe 10 track days and some driver educations, I consider myself still a beginner) but that went away after just a couple of turns. Then there's the engine. The additional 65HP (together with the lower weight) are very noticeable. It just goes and goes and it just revs and revs and revs..... (3 days later, I still get a smile on my face when I think about it). Down the Parabolica, you easily get an additional 20km/h topspeed compared to the C2S. Then there's the chassis and the steering, it feels like the car's got endless grip (until it snaps...). It reacts immediately to every little driver input and turns in razorsharp. There's no noticeable bodyroll at all, it feels so planted. Powering out of the Sachs turn, it feels like the car just sits on his back wheels and jiiiippppeeee (I hope you get what I'm trying to describe here...).

    Overall, the car is so much more than I expected and the difference to a 997C2S is huge. If I had the money, I'd go for it without any hesitation.

    Re: GT3 Driving experience - Hockenheimring

    Here are some pics from that day (not taken by me):

    Klick me

    Re: GT3 Driving experience - Hockenheimring

    Excellent write-up, MattC Funny, that you mention the goose bumps. Just what I posted yesterday "it's the goose bumps 911"
    Your post makes me salivate again
    Thanks for the great pics also
    How did you like the Pistenclub? You've been very lucky with the weather. I intended to participate in the Pistenclub trackday at Nordschleife next Tuesday, but I'm afraid it will only make sense with a snowmobile

    Re: GT3 Driving experience - Hockenheimring

    Great write up Matt C, enjoyed the pictures too!


    Re: GT3 Driving experience - Hockenheimring

    Matt C said:
    Here are some pics from that day (not taken by me):

    Klick me

    I saw a Vette Z06 in your pics. How did it perform?

    Re: GT3 Driving experience - Hockenheimring

    I know for the snow problems for the pistenclub td in hte Nordschleife ..a lot of my friend would like to do that td ...

    maybe hanseat ...

    Re: GT3 Driving experience - Hockenheimring

    Porsche-Jeck said:
    How did you like the Pistenclub?

    The event was well organized. There were two groups, one for street-legal cars and one for race-cars, which alternated on the track with 45 min slots. You got to drive a lot.

    ADias said:
    I saw a Vette Z06 in your pics. How did it perform?

    To be honest, the Vette is not really my cup of tea, so I didn't really pay attention to it. Can't comment on its performance. Sorry.



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