Almost exactly one year ago I wrote a deposit check for a Riviera Blue GT3. Loved the car, thought seriously about it, but didn't get it. Why? Because I discovered the GT3RS- a much more sporty and fierce machine, that I have found is unlike any other. After being on the fence, for fear that the 4.0L would turn out to be a superior car in the future, I finally chose a side :) And I must add, I have never done anything as crazy as this!! Smiley

So...  about 10 days ago I received an email from my dealer that the Orion Leader, carrying the GT3RS I was to have on it, arrived at the San Diego Port. I started getting a little nervous (cold feet so to speak) ... Then yesterday I got another email that the car has been loaded onto the truck for transportation... more nervous... then a few hours later I received an email that the car has arrived at the dealership. Okay, I was ready to explode from excitement and nervousness. As you can imagine, I couldn't just sit at home knowing my car is at the dealership, so my wife, daughter and I drove to Circle Porsche to see our car. I have to admit the car, as specced, was love at first sight!!! I couldn't leave it there Smiley

The timing couldn't have been more perfect- my wife and I celebrated Valentines Day and then on top of that we got a new car... and a Porsche GT3RS at that! As soon as I saw the car I was sure- this, after a year of configuring and changing and waiting, was the car I have always wanted- if I had to do it again the specs would be the same.


A4  Grey Black

DZL Black Contrasting Color, Wheels and Graphics

78  Black Full Leather

450 PCCB

474 Lifter

603 Dynamic Cornering Lights

XUB Headlight Cleaner Ext Color

XMJ Rear Center Console Carbon

CDN Red Air Vent Slats

CFX Floor Mat with Red Leather Surround

CLA Thicker Steering Wheel Alcantara

XLG Alcantara Storage Lid w Logo

XSC Porsche Crest on Headrest

P23 PCM 3.0

490 Sound Package Plus

870 Universal Audio Interface

619 Bluetooth

The photos on the internet don't do justice to the car, really. The sound, the feel, the burning of fossil fuel :) ... don't know what it is, but it's perfect! On top of the perfect car, Michelle and Eric of Circle Porsche added to the great experience... it is my first Porsche after all and what a way to enter into the brand :)

My first drive in my new car was a stressful trip from the dealership to the gas station and back Smiley but I made it! I didn't scratch the bumper, crash into anything or damage anything else Smiley The drive home was interesting too (the rumbling and grumbling of the transmission and the amazing sound of this motor included), I figured that would probably be the hardest of the drives, after I did that successfully I figure I can do anything. :)

Well then, what you probably have been waiting for just like I have, a picture for you... and there will be more to come in the future!

Cheers and happy weekend and Valentines!