Carlos from Spain:

I don't see anything wrong with having a VIP program and giving preferential treatment to their better customers and keep track of and exclude the flippers. There are limits on what that preferential treatment can be of course, like for example if an ordinary customer has his name on a list for a car that should be honored and a VIP should not cut in line, but the VIP can be told before the ordinary customers and be able to get on the list before them that way. Same result but totally different thing.

I agree. VIPs shouldn't be able to take away a car from a customer who already got "promised" one but if they get preferential treatment, this is OK to me because they are special customers and mostly loyal customers. I know that many get angry about such preferential treatment but hey, we are living in a free market economy and not in communism (where such a car wouldn't be available to anyone, simply because nobody in communism would make such a car LOL). Also it is very understandable that Porsche wants to make sure that the limited edition doesn't end up in the hands of speculators but in the hands of people who actually drive this car. Seeing this car on the road and at Porsche meetings is actually the best advertisement for Porsche. Ford seems to think the same regarding the new Ford GT and I am actually happy that manufacturers started to put more thought into this stuff.


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