Congratulations RC kiss White is very befitting for Lamborghini if you don't go for the flashy colours.

Thank you. Smiley

We expect that you'll spend some Track time with the Lamborghini and report. Are you allowed to do that within the Lease Agreement?

I have some track time all the time Smiley but it is very very difficult to post photos because of the people involved when we hit the track (mostly Austria). I tried a camera but removing the license plates is a pain in the a.., so I ended up with posting a road driving video. Smiley Our (in my humble opinion very exclusive) driving "group" isn't too fond of photos or videos for various reasons I'm afraid. I know how this sounds but one mistake and I'm out. Most of them read Rennteam as well... Smiley 

With some luck, I could get the chance to pick up my car in Italy but this isn't written in stone yet. Could be a nice (photo) story. Also, I was (already) invited to some Lamborghini events in the past or now (for example a winter driving event in Austria) and this is where lots of photos can be taken but such events are usually not track events, more of a driving safety/training events (they are fun though and don't cost much, wife is always happy for a nice weekend in a luxury hotel with spa Smiley).

To be first on the Circuit, not only on the Autobahn

Oh boy, where should I start. I could tell you stories Smiley but then I would get "assaulted" again by our usual suspects and I'm just fed up with that. 

Let me put it this way: I am faster on the track or on some pass roads than on the Autobahn. Smiley Still got it, only god knows for how long (my back hurts, I have to pee more often, it is difficult to keep my weight, I get tired faster and I love to lie in the sun and do nothing). Smiley 



RC (Germany) - Rennteam Editor Audi R8 V10 Plus (2016), Mercedes E63 S AMG Edition 1 (2018), Range Rover Evoque Si4 Black Edition (2019)

I am sure you are going to enjoy this one most. We await your reports.

Have fun Smiley




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