May be I´m wrong, but I see the used car prices of the 991.2 GT3 Touring in 2 years around 135K € - as you said, last week I still could have ordered one at my OPC (with no discount) and  there already have been offers on mobile.de for slightly under list price.

They produce a lot of these cars - right now - I have seen at our OPC 4 Touring over the last weeks.


I wish you good luck. Smiley Yes, many are produced but once people realize it exists, that they can actually get one (unlike with the 991 R) and that there won't be more cars after a certain period of time, it will get difficult. Of course I can be wrong, have been before wrong when it comes to prices and resale values, so... Smiley 

I think it depends whether there will be a 992 GT3 Touring or not.

I'd be interested in knowing the exact production number of all 991.2 GT3s and compare it to the 991.1 number. Wasn't the 991.1 GT3 built during a longer period of time, and they made around 5000 units.


White 991.2 GT3, production week 10