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Wow, cockpit is way too complicated.

Where is the big touch screen option?indecision

The steam gauges really illustrate the age of the aircraft compared with today's glass cockpits even found in small general aviation aircraft.  I recalled many years ago reading the obituary of one of the key designers of the Concorde only to note that his birthdate was around the time of the Wright Brothers' first flight in 1903.  That really put this plane into perspective.  I remember back in 2003, having the opportunity to look at the Spirit of Glen Ellyn, the Wright Flyer replica that flew on the centennial of the first flight.  That plane too, was amazing to see close up.  The details are phenomenal and the technology staggering for the time period.  The Wright Brothers' most significant contributions to aviation were lightweight yet powerful engines and an understanding of how to create a stable and controllable aircraft.  


Another interesting tidbit about the Wright Brothers plane,  Standard Oil was a major sponsor, suppling the brothers with lubricants and gasoline to help promote uses of gasoline.