OK, I admit it. I am a 911 nerd. I like 911s and I would never consider buying a Lamborghini Huracan. Perhaps the Huracan might be cheaper, or better, or better value, but still I dream about the 911 R. I guess if you like 911s and Porsche spends a lot of time and thinking creating a modern lightweight car with an engine to die for, that is, at least for some, quite exciting.

I am planning on getting my car in white with red stripes, red side decos and black interior. I will spec the car as light as possible (no leather, single mass flywheel etc.), but add back AC and the 90 l tank. I think thats it!

Omg that is pretty much my spec too! Still tossing up the front lift though for practicality. In any case I need to get an allocation first.